The first generation Honda Civic Hybrid with a five speed is for the kind of man whose devotion to Popular Mechanics was the end of his first. Honda Civic Hybrid – Owner’s Manual ( pages). Posted on 3 Nov, by Muitosabao. Model: Honda Civic Hybrid. File size: MB. Honda Civic Hybrid Manual: It Exists That’s right, folks: the first-generation Honda Civic Hybrid came with a stick shift from to

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Manual transmission and a hybrid drivetrain.

Manuals are fuel efficient. Hybrids are fuel efficient.

Honda Civic Hybrid Owners Manuals | Just Give Me The Damn Manual

This is the perfect combination! The result is there are a precious few manual hybrids in existence today.

We all know one of them: That was initially offered only with a stick, though a CVT came online manuql, ensuring the car would never be able to climb steep hills, or medium-sized hills, or speed bumps. It looks like installation rates were surprisingly high, reaching about 20 percent of all Civic Hybrid models.


Honda Civic Hybrid

Unfortunately, the days of a manual hybrid sedan are probably long behind us. But for hypermilers who do most of their driving in the diesel-unfriendly big city, the Civic Hybrid stick is a good choice.

Except for that whole thing about replacing the batteries. I bet not good.

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