Find great deals for AKG DSR Digital Wireless Receiver. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Buy AKG DSR Digital Tru-Diversity Receiver featuring Digital True-Diversity Receiver, MHz Ultra-Wide Frequency Range 40 Intermodulation-Free. The AKG DSR V2 Digital Wireless Stationary Receiver offers two channels and an ultra-wide bandwidth of up to MHz for reliable operation with great.

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Special Order Update Location close. One last feature that is only available to fully digital wireless systems is data encryption. You will be charged as soon as the manufacturer receives this drop-ship order. The receiver is designed to deliver dependable, high-quality digital audio with quick and easy operation, and with a bandwidth of up to MHz, it gives the user the necessary flexibility for even a very crowded radio environment.

Handheld and bodypack transmitters are another grand or so a pop.

Recent Wireless Technology Series: Inside The AKG DMS – ProSoundWeb

The DSR features an ultra-wide bandwidth of up to MHz, and pre-programmed frequency groups of up to 40 intermodulation-free channels. It’s probably for you…. Once the clean channel was found, all the info was passed on to the transmitter via an IR sync. This makes for a wide variety of options where outboard processing is unavailable.

The difference between the built in scanner and a true spectrum analyzer is akin to comparing an audio frequency counter, or a basic RTA, to a dual channel FFT analyzer. DPT bodypack transmitter click to enlarge. By connecting via the digital outputs, the DSR exhibits dB signal-to-noise, which is impressive. As of June 12, all of that cool high-end stuff akgg in the MHz range that cost you a small fortune became spare parts at best.

AKG DSR Digital Wireless Receiver | eBay

It scans the receiver’s entire frequency band for active radio frequencies and displays the spectrum. Carrier Frequency Range Band 1: Tru-Diversity reception features dual receivers vying for the highest possible audio signal, thereby reducing drop-out, RF and more.


Conclusion All in all, this appears to be quite an interesting system and should dar a viable choice for many different applications. Update Unrecognized Zip Code.

It’s not cheap, but then, there is that whole “get what you pay for” thing…. About four years ago, Xwire founder Guy Coker emerged from non-compete exile and started X2 Digital Wireless, which did the guitar thing again and moved quickly into a handheld mic product. The DSR features a large LCD display and a host of user friendly features that include infrared transmitter link for quick setup, environment scan spectrum analysis, EQ and filter processing, HiQnet integration and remote monitoring via an iPhone app.

Stay up-to-date, get the latest csr audio news, products and resources each month agk Live Sound.

Write a review fzyrzyeqswtwywyrryebvryztwatv. Larger images of each of these system elements are featured below. Mike Wireless is dse nom de plume of a long-time RF geek devoted to better entertainment wireless system practices the world over. This is a huge plus in my eyes.

The environment scan converts the DSR V2 into a spectrum analyzer. Let’s get back to that price thing for a moment. XLR sockets balanced 2 x analog: You can purchase the system with either the D5 dynamic, D7 dynamic or a C5 condenser capsules. See any errors on this page? Another cool thing is the inclusion of some dbx algorithms for compression and limiting and — using the optional Ethernet hub — the ability to control it all via Harman’s HiQNet system from a laptop, or even an iPhone.

The system has an onboard spectrum scanner that easily found “clean” channels in my area. A company called Xwire was selling digital guitar wireless back in the akv. Onboard EQ, compression and limiting, easy to set up and use.

However, as you point out, and depending on design, a 3dB ERP change could see a meaningful battery life difference.


The test piece had the C5 condenser capsule. Akh it performed well on both, I thought it shined greater on spoken word. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This very wide tuning range allows up to channels to be in use simultaneously. See any errors on this page? But keep in mind that this is a two-channel unit. One thing that I found extremely cool was that the system has an onboard, low-cut, rsr EQ, dbx compressor and dbx limiter built in.

For easy configuration of large systems, all components are available individually. Your email address will not be published. Other posts by Mike Wireless: With such a modest price tag, I honestly wasn’t expecting much.

Sennheiser and Shure have started doing this as well, and we can expect other manufacturers to follow suit. Digital true-diversity receiver with 070 all-metal case Bit signal encryption prevents unintended signal reception alg sensitive applications Ultra-wide tuning range of MHz Quick setup mode, spectrum analyzer and rehearsal functions for easy setup Infrared link of all frequency and setup data to the transmitter Transmitter batteries status monitoring Low-cut filter, 3-band Equalizer, dbx Compressor and dbx Limiter included Integration into a HiQnet system with optional HUB Q.

Recent Wireless Technology Series: Inside The AKG DMS 700

DHT handheld transmitter click to enlarge. DSR receiver click to enlarge.

Digital wireless is not really new. Please check your local sales tax laws. Merely based on construction, I will qualify it good RF. One reaction has been a slow move toward digital in the wireless world. A spectrum analyzer is capable of measuring, plotting and displaying a user defined bandwidth span zkg, along with many other parameters, in real time other than sweep time delay.