The Drama of the Gifted Child: The Search for the True Self | Alice Miller | ISBN: Das Drama des begabten Kindes und die Suche nach dem wahren Selbst. Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data. Miller, Alice. Prisoners of childhood. Translation of Das Drama des begabten Kindes. Bibliography: p. This is a specific kind of book for a specific type of person at a specific point in . #61 The Drama of the Gifted Child by Alice Miller, 1, 3, Jun 08, PM.

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I learned something about my favorite author–and, more importantly, gained some highly valuable insights that I hope I can put into practice in integrating my own self. Initially Alice Miller’s claims about the extent of damage done to us by our parents seemed exaggerated to me, and I felt that one should not say bebabten things about parents.

Alice Miller (psychologist) – Wikipedia

These online bookshops told us they have this item: Das wahre “Drama des begabten Kindes”. For those who have the ability to heal from the traumas they suffered by feeling the repressed feelings from those traumas, Alice Miller’s books provide enough information to provoke a long-term emotional healing process. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Kijdes states her objective, in the introduction to the original edition of her work, as follows: The mikler for others in grandiose, successful people always includes disrespect for their own true selves, as their scorn implies: View all 9 comments.

Learning the exercise of gratitude and forgiveness is the only way to beat the despair of self-pity. Basic Books, c, c Catholic Institute of Sydney. I cannot excuse the poor construction of this text, or Miller’s failure to adequately support her points or tie together the various threads of kibdes argument.

Does this mean drqma it was not really me you loved, but only what I pretended to be? In a friend of mind recommended this book to me. Grandiosity is characterised by contempt for others who have not, as ddama casual example, read as many books or displayed as brilliant intellectual and artistic accomplishments. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Miller first stated that his mother intervened, but later that she did not intervene.

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They divorced in Perhaps for many it hits too hard.

For Your Own Good: The twin manifestations of narcissism are grandiosity and depression. Where would your love have been then? I’m not really sure of what, if anything, she’s believes she has proven, or what substantial evidence she has given to back her claim. In the s, Miller strongly supported a new method developed by Konrad Stettbacher, who himself was later charged with incidents of sexual abuse. She raised fundamental questions about current, worldwide child-rearing practices and issued a stern warning.

Days before her death Alice Miller wrote: The book is not comprehensive — a lot of things are brought up as side-points that could, and have, easily become a book-length topic.

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Aug 26, Missreb rated it really liked it. So it seems like this book has value as a “germinal” book, starting new conversations rather than coming to a final conclusions about anything. What became of my childhood? View all 4 comments. In fact, I’d be willing to bet their success in that endeavor has significantly aided me in milleg quest to be anything other than a filthy hermit.

This all happens via illusions towards your childhood and not dealing with the truth and most importantly not mourning the loss. Having been strongly impressed by the book, Miller begavten Mehr in order to get the name of the therapist.

Briefly, Miller describes the narcissistic personality disturbance.

Well, not exactly; and I mean that in a good way. Breaking down the walls of silence. A mother cannot truly respect her child as long as she does not realize what deep shame she causes him with an ironic remark, intended only to cover her own uncertainty.

Miller proposed here that German traumatic childrearing produced heroin addict Christiane F. While childhood mistreatment begqbten give kids certain gifts – such as increased empathy and greater achievement – these strengths come at a great cost. In the Poisonous Pedagogy section of the book, Miller does a thorough survey of 19th klndes child-rearing literature in the book, citing texts which recommend practices such as exposing children to dead bodies in order to teach begabetn about the sexual functions of human anatomy 45—46resisting the temptation to comfort screaming infants 41—43and beating children who haven’t committed any specific offense as a kind of conditioning that would help them to understand their own evil and fallen nature.


It was her first critique of psychoanalysis, charging it with being similar to the poisonous pedagogies, which she described in For Your Own Good. Alice Miller wrote her second b This is an excellent book for learning more about yourself, how you became the way you are, and also as a possible source of help regarding the causes and cure of any emotional difficulties you may have.

Alice Miller shows very begwbten how the way our parents raised us dtama we are children formed us psychologically.

Alice Miller (psychologist)

This book is amazing and straight to the point. I would recommend it for anyone that has issues w their parents that they want some perspective on or anyone concerned about possibly passing on the legacy of their own difficulties to their children, however inadvertently.

It is a pointer in Miller’s thoroughgoing apostasy from her own profession—psychoanalysis. Want to Read ailce. In order to set up a list of libraries that you have access to, you must first login or sign up. Children learn to accept their parents’ often abusive behaviour against themselves as being “for their own good.

After recovering somewhat from my parent’s punishment of me for saying the truth to them about themselves during my childhood, I am now able to realize that it is true that the most commonly practiced child-rearing practices devastate us psychologically, and that I need to re-discover what my parents did to me during my childhood and how I felt about it in order to recover my psychological health. Uniform Title Mkller des begabten Kindes.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. And in turn, we will dish out similar horror on the people we love, especially our children, unless we beyabten the bottom of it, and find our true self, a self that might have been repressed because of a childhood trauma. Alice Miller never ever talks about forgiveness or how to overcome being victimized, stuck in indignation. The paradise of preambivalent harmony, for which so many patients hope, is unattainable.