Aria detta la Frescobalda. composer. Girolamo Frescobaldi () · Andrew Lawrence-King (harp). Download all MP3 £ Download all FLAC £ Sheet Music – £ – Aria detta la Frescobalda edited and arranged by Karl Scheit after Girolamo Frescobaldi. Degree of difficulty: 2. Check out Girolamo Frescobaldi – Toccate (Libro II, ) Aria Detta “La Frescobalda” by Lorenzo Ghielmi on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s.

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Audio and video recordings of works from the renaissance to the baroque period, from to e. Composer’s surname, forename – frescobalca no.

Title – tags if known e. For more details see instructions here. File access restricted to members who have made at least 2 posts. The first uploaded recording was very bad regarding the rhythm. I tried to work on the timing; I used a metronome and first it was quite strange as I felt that the music changed and was reduced to beats but I do clearly see the point of holding the rhythm.

So hopefully I made a step forward on performing this piece. I will try to work further on and I appreciate every comment to get better! You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.


Frescobaldi, Girolamo – Aria Detta la Frescobalda (Guitar)

Last edited by Ossi on Sat Oct 08, 5: This Aria is very beautiful. And you have done a good job in recording it. But as you say there is always things to improve. I will suggest that you practise to get more precision in the rytmical pattern and a more strict tempo. You should be focusing only on a part at a time – try perhaps to use a metronome in the beginning. Hi Ossi Thank you for posting.

I am rather happy to dettta playing the Aria at all and there are many parts that are technically quite challenging and therefore i do not play them as I would like to. But this piece of music is very “fruitful” regarding the different parts and their different characters and above all the frescobalxa tempos of the parts.

So I might mixed the tempos too much which always happens when you are not able to control it due to a lack of technical ability: Let it be as you say that the feeling change when you use a metronome.

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Later you will be able to benefit from the ability to play in a strict rythm. For now I will suggest that you continue to practice the music in this precise rythme. In the fast passages you need more precision in your fingering. Sometimes the note can’t be heard because it’s damped by an unprecise fingerpositon. I will suggest that you pick out the fast passages only bars or so and play them very very slow, with metronome, and with great attention as to let each note sound clearly for the full time it is intended to.

Try to get the feeling that the bas-notes are connected with each other.


Frescobaldi, Girolamo – Aria Detta la Frescobalda (Guitar)

Try for instance to play the lower voice solo – listen to the melody in the bass-line. Sing along as you play the bass-melody with the metronome to be fully aware how that melody sounds. And then when you feel fully aquainted with the bass play it dettw with all the voices. I think that will help you to improve your technique bring out even more beauty of music. I hope this might help you to progress further.

Already it is very satisfying to see the progress you deetta made in this difficult piece. I enjoyed your recording somehow I missed the original and only heard yesterday’s edit. I know it is a work in progress, but good nonetheless. Langvarig Your advice to Ossi has clearly been helpful to him, and probably others too.

Langvarig has given you some good advice. I agree that you should practice the fast passages very slowly.

Aria Detta la Frescobalda (Guitar)

Another thing is you should try and play it more legato – I know this is difficult at the moment, but if you get the left hand shifts really secure and don’t move your hand until the last moment, you will sound more legato. You are already doing this, to a certain extent, in the Aria. Board index All times are UTC.