AUTOTOOLS. A Practitioner’s Guide to. GNU Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool by John Calcote. San Francisco. Autotools_book Page iii. Autotools Autotools is the first book to offer programmers a tutorial-based guide to the GNU build system. Author John Calcote begins with an overview of. The spot was taken not by me but instead by John Calcote, with his Autotools: A Practical Guide To GNU Autoconf, Automake, And Libtool.

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You probably know how I feel about Autotools books given I actually wanted to write one, was mostly rejected, and ended up working on spare time on Autotools Mythbuster — which I really should write more on. The spot was taken not by me but instead by John Calcote, with his Autotools: At any rate, No Starch Press has been tremendously kind and offered me a review copy — I did contact them to propose my guide as a book, and they did tell me they had a book already in the works.

I actually hoped to post the review much sooner, but between job tasks, and Gentoo messes, time was a rare commodity.

And to be honest, it felt a lot like reading a textbook when you know already the subject. For instance, he goes autotoola two important topics that I have only written about in the blog up until now — Position Independent Code and library versioning — and then provides a whole chapter dedicated to tip and tricks, not only tied to Autotools.


Autotools: A Practioner’s Guide to GNU Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool

And in the current landscape where cmake is still preferred to build under Windows, and, luckily for all of us, scons is finally disappearing, dropping the politics, and simply provide a good pragmatic approach to practice is what I was hoping for.

It shows a stirring ecosystem of people auhotools around Autotooks even though we disagree on views and in some technical details, his is the only current and complete text on the tools of the trade. Waf is still better than cmake and scons for the task, yet less considered. You have at times discussed it on the blog.

Including also some discussion on testing the built application s is another option to broaden the subject a bit that might drive more interest from publishers.

And keep it up to date in multiple small projects which I want to share.

I have purchased an own copy of this book after reading your review. I have even read more then pages of it, and find it a good entrance to the gnu autotools thematics. This book is easy to read and follow for me, so I have a feeling that I understand the purpose of constructs and design decisions in many autotools based and gnome related projects.

Computers are just one of my hobbies, and I wanted for years to gain a better knowledge about gnu building and open source software distributing process, but due to the fact that most of my current knowledge is based on hanging in the by freenode hosted channels, mailing list and forums and a few books I was kind of parallelized to be able to start reading gnu autools documentations, because of an endless number of bad rumors: I was alone already scared by the number of autotools related filed were shipped with every project.


So, Well, as a result, I never even gave it a try. This autktools has helped me to overcome this barrier, so at the ending I was even surprised how easy it was to use autoconf, automake and libtool and many related helper tools.

Autotools – O’Reilly Media

Thank you for the excellent objective review. Believe it or not, I agree with many of your nits about the book. For instance, I really wanted to add an entire section, if not calcoote chapter, on the differences between recursive and non-recursive make systems.

In fact, I worked hard to find a publisher who would publish this book. Ajtotools are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Book Review: Autotools by John Calcote – Flameeyes’s Weblog

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