Avery CD DVD (US) CD DVD labels, Avery CD DVD (US) CD DVD label template, How to print on Avery CD DVD (US) CD DVD labels, CD. AudioLabel features an adjustable CD Label Template and DVD Label Avery and compatible (DVD Slim Case – Plain Paper) – DVD Label Template. Download label templates for label printing needs including Avery┬« labels template sizes. Design and make your own labels with these templates. We offer a.

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I’m using the Avery template. The paper sheet has two discs, one above the other.

On the monitor, however, all you see is one disc. The disc can be edited, no problem there. I ran a plain sheet of paper through the printer.

Label Types Supported by DiscLabel | Smile

Sure enough, it printed only one disc, not two. Please don’t tell me to print one disc, then put the sheet back in the printer, reversed, and print the bottom label.


We’re cautioned not to print a sheet twice. I’m sure I’m missing something simple — specifying the template should display what the sheet looks like — but Templafe can’t see what it is. That will cause two discs to print on the same sheet. That’s because one disc needs to be labeled Disc 1, the other disc labeled Disc 2. And some other differences.

Need Avery label templates for Photoshop?

So I need to edit each disc individually, not print two copies of the same disc. And I wonder why what we see on the monitor isn’t the same as what we send to the printer. You have to re-insert the paper to do that. What version are you using? When you click Print, a small print preview is displayed.

Avery 8931 CD DVD (US) CD DVD labels

When you say that what you see on the monitor isn’t the same as what prints, what do you mean, exactly? Downloaded and installed it today.

Would seem I should be able to edit both discs individually. Heck, MS Word and Publisher let me do that, and Acoustica’s dedicated labeling program should be better than them, right? The problem with Word and Publisher is that the printed page doesn’t align with the label even though the Avery template number is specified.


Am using an HP remplate.

Not the world’s best, but pretty good. I’ll be glad to keep using Acoustica. Templats tell me how to edit two different discs at one time like MS does. Thanks for your interest, Greg. The ability to print two different labels on the same sheet at the same time would be a feature suggestion for a future update. Guess this question can be considered closed.

CD Label Template – DVD Label Template – Free Download

We really need to have. Oh man, how could you guys not provide access to all parts of the Avery template? Who is online Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 1 guest.