TOP SECRET to pierwsze w Polsce czasopismo poświęcone w całości grom się bez większych przerw do roku (wydawane przez spółdzielnie Bajtek). wkładanego do każdego numeru czasopisma Bajtek. W roku ze względu na odejście Martineza czasopismo zmieniło nazwę na New. PublicystykaProjekt Bajtek Redux – nowe szaty starych czasopism Nowy magazyn ma “zwalczać analfabetyzm mikrokomputerowy w Polsce”.

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The first issue would be published by “Krajowe Wydawnictwo Czasopism”, but because it was started ‘ad hoc’, it didn’t bajte paper allowance Dear Reader, please remember that at this time Poland was a communist countryso it had to borrow paper. It was followed by three other issues during the year and allcopies were sold on the spot. In the yearthanks to the czaslpismo Table’, there were many changes in Poland.

Bajtek – CPCWiki

One of the most important was the closing of the Office of Censorship and stopping of the press regulation. It ran untilwhen bankruptcy of Agrobank brought Bajtek Publishing House to its knees, eventually bankrupting it too. At the beginning, Bajtek had mainly articles about computers from “private import” more communistic ‘nomenclature’particularly about ZX Spectrum, which became quite popular in Poland in the first half of the 80’s, mainly because of its price.


By that time, the popularity of the CPC in Poland was rising. Personally, I’ve heard about CPC applications in scientific czasopismi, which on its own shows how this trend was strong. That was because even institutions like universities couldn’t afford buying substantial amounts of PCs.

Internet Archive Search: subject:”bajtek”

Poland was at that time a very poor country and high currency exchange rates added to the problem. Moreover, the built-in Centronics port of the Schneiders enabled very easy producing of so called “publikacje bezdebitowe” “debitless” publications.

hajtek At that time, if you wanted to distribute your publication, you had to have a “debit”, a consent from the Office of Censorship. So, in short, “bezdebitowe” or “debitless” publications were illegal papers distributed by the underground political organizations. As they usually were produced in quantities of around copies, a CPC with a good NLQ near-letter quality printer and possibly a copier was all you needed to fight with communism.

Needless to say, CPC became quite popular in the underground. As no other wiki editor could do it, I’ll make that list, but this will take some time.


10 czasopism, które kształtowały dziennikarstwo growe w Polsce

Some of batjek Bajteks were lost when I’ve moved, others still aren’t here But should be by the end of this year. I could list all 12 entries, each one stating the correct page number, but, as I don’t think, any of You collect Bajtek now or will in the futureI don’t see the point.

There czasoopismo also a project “Bajtek Reduks”involving the transfer of the full content of the paper issues of Bajtek into the electronic form PDF. Bajtek was one of most popular Polish computer magazines at its times.

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