Basil Valentine. Records of the life of Basilius Valentinus, the Benedictine monk who for his achievements in the chemical sphere has been given the title of. Valentine’s true identity can’t be known for sure, but my money’s on Johann Thölde, and we talk a little about both. As far as we know for the first time in the. VALENTINE, BASIL, OR BASILIUS VALENTINUSChemistry, alchemy, edly a German Benedictine monk born at Mainz in , Basil.

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Thanks be to God.

Then singe its wings with fierce heat, and make it fall into the Red Sea, and there be drowned. When you have accomplished the same thing in our Art, you have before your eyes the light of wisdom, which shines in the darkness, although it does not burn.

Books by Basil Valentine

He appears to have been a very modest person, for according to Olaus Borrichius, the author of De Ortu et Progressu Chemioe, Valentine hid all the manuscripts of his writings inside one of the pillars of the Abbey Church where they might have remained for an indefinite period, but they were discovered during a thunderstorm, when a flash of lightning dislodged them from their curious hiding place.

If the earth were deserted by this spirit, it would be dead, and no longer able to afford nourishment to anything.

The minerals are hidden in the womb of the earth, and nourished by her with the spirit which she receives from above. Ponder them well, that you also may find the Rock which is the foundation Stone of truth, the temporal blessing, and the eternal reward. At last I determined to devote myself to the study of the powers and virtues which God has laid into metals and minerals and the more I searched the more I found.

Valentine, Basil This German adept in alchemical philosophy is commonly supposed to have been born at Mayence toward the close of the fourteenth century.


He married in the town of Frankenhausen another salt town and was on the town council. For though a body may be vitalized by a spirit, yet it need not, therefore, be fixed, unless, indeed, it possess a rational soul, that strong bond between body and spirit, which represents their union, and resists all efforts to separate them. Animals are a class by themselves; nor can anything ever be obtained from them that is not animal in its nature.

A Seventeenth Century Hoax. Then you will find the ‘ All-in-All,’ which nasilius the attracting force of all metals and minerals derived from salt and sulphur, and twice born of Mercury. Where there is no soul, there is no hope of redemption.

When I had spent some years at the monastery, I found that after I had performed my work and my daily devotions I still had some time on my hands.

For it is not good for the Eagle to build her nest on the summit of the Alps, because her young ones are thus in great danger of being frozen to death by the intense cold that prevails there. Modern scholarship now suggests that galentine author was Tholde, but others were involved. Silver also contains fixed mercury, and is not so quickly volatilised as the imperfect metals, but stands the trial of fire, and yields no food valemtine voracious Saturn.

If too much seed be cast into the field, the plants impede each other’s growth, and there can be no ripe fruit. By far the most important survey of the chemistry of Basil valentine will be found in J.

Basil Valentine – Crystalinks

He discussed all of the then known metals as well as preparations that might be made from them, and he gave special attention to the precious metals that he believed could be produced through the transmutation of the less perfect metals. Thus you have two substances in one, and it is called Mercury of the Sages, but is yet a single substance, which is the first ferment. This ferment with the mercury of its own proper sulphur, and coagulate them with salt. For it is all important that the liquid should not be dried up too quickly, and that the earth of the Sages should not basiluis melted and dissolved too soon, otherwise your fishes would be changed into scorpions.


Then you must join the husband and wife together that each may feed upon the other’s flesh and blood, and that so basiius may propagate their species a bxsilius. But it ought by this time to be clear to you that the metallic seed which was produced by the combined operation of heavenly, sidereal, and elementary essences, and reduced into bodily form, must, in due course, be corrupted and putrefied by means of the elements. I write about it, not for my own good, but for that of posterity, and though my words be few and simple, that which they import is of immeasurable magnitude.

That which is to protect another substance against combustion must itself be safe from danger. For when it is distilled, there issues from it first a spirit, and then that which is less volatile.

For if the crystal of antimony be extracted with wine or the spirit of wine, it causes vomiting and diarrhoea, because it is a poison, and its poisonous quality is not destroyed by the wine. Everything valwntine is obtained from the mines has its value, unless, indeed, it is adulterated.


The basillius moderate course must be adopted in the fiery regimen of our Magistery. Let me sum up in few words what I have to say. This question you may most easily answer by asking yourself another question.