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Log in Become a member. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Write a user review. Our members also liked: Sort by most recent most useful. I recommend these mics highly. About the only thing we’re still trying to figure out is how to get two instrument inputs mixed with miked drums – but with no drums from the amp – and sending that to the CD recorder.

I don’t understand a lot of it. On the other hand, I really don’t know all the possibilities, so I would basically need a crash course in the fundamentals of sound engineering to really eurorakc. This little board is a powerful tool for my music and there will be a learning curve for me. The board uerorack really an instrument unto itself and will take some time to master. But even with the sound geek jargon, the manual conveys the pride and excitement of the Behringer team and I felt like they really want me to be happy with their products.

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When you plug it in, it’s on. That’s a minor inconvenience. We cranked the amp up to a sound way beyond what you would ever normally use and just heard a slight hiss from the mixer. We did the same with the Mackie and heard a slight rumble. It’s about the same amount of noise, just in different frequencies, and undetectable at normal playing or recording volumes.

We did notice the EQs didn’t seem to have a huge affect on the sound. The EQs are somewhat weak in that regard. But it’s clean, which is most important. We can mess with the EQ at the instrument. Would I take it to a gig? I’d take it to war. My bandmates like its smallness so much, they want me to bring it to use as our mixer for gigs, instead of the other guy’s big Mackie.

We’re just three in the band, so we can get away with it, but it probably wouldn’t have enough inputs for a bigger band. It’s so small and light that I’ve put scratchy velcro on the back and it holds fast to the fuzzy fabric on the side of the amp.

Behringer MXA – Reviews Behringer Eurorack MXA – Audiofanzine

If you had to, you could wear it, it’s that petite. We’ve used it for practice sessions and put it through the paces. I doesn’t do a lot of fancy stuff, but what it does, it does exceedingly well, at a good price, in little space, and with VERY clean sound.


And it looks cool. Originally posted on FutureProducers. Did you find this review helpful? This lil’ mixer provides some very clean sounds that you would only expect from bigger consoles and it’s perfect for small home studios. What kinda disappointed me is that it doesn’t have a power switch Atleast not one that i’ve discovered yet.

I literally got to disconnect power cord to turn it off. It’s pretty good for live applications although you’ll probably run out of inputs for all your synths and mics. But it does sound farely good for its size. Maybe if there was an automated version with sliding faders in the same compact size it would be nice. Love the pre-amps very clean. The eq’s are fairly musical, sweeping mids would have been nice, but heh!

Six channels in all, though two are mono and shared with the mic. My only problem is that it has knobs instead of sliding faders for the master and channels. I just set it up plugged in and recorded till my heart was content ish. This is a great mixer for anyone who can only spare a small area, or if you aren’t planning to record an entire band with it. Though a three piece might be ok!

SOUNDS The sound is incredible for the price, I record mainly vocals and acoustic euroarck through it, mixing euroradk pick-up and the miked sound for the guitar and generally a straight mic for the vocals.

The sound is consistently good for all applications that I’ve used it for. It is a durable little thing, I accidently dropped a fairly heavy container on it, which hit the knobs full on, leaving it without a scratch. The difference that this mixer has made to my recordings without breaking the bank is too great to express.

For the price, the number of features is incredible! Super cheap again Originally posted on FutureProducers. I was born and raised on Mackie. I’ve had 3 s, aand a couple of s for various uses in my home and mobile studios. The only reason I didn’t go Mackie today was budget – but I’m not disappointed at all!

Every Mackie-head that I talked to told me “no way, this is a cheap board from a budget company”. Finally, a friend who knew better told me otherwise. I am amazed at the sound on this thing! I’m not comparing them side to side, but I feel the same amazement I originally felt when I plugged in my first Mackie.

If you’re shopping for a good phantom power preamp, you can’t touch a good one for this price. The pots feel to be pretty good quality. They don’t stick or turn very stiff-ly stiffly? The external power supply is not a wall-wart, so you get the benefit of a smaller unit and still get a fairly nice non-grounded plug power supply.

Considering that for a mixer of this price and size, turnpots will be the standard, rather than sliders; the only other thing that really bugs me is the 3-LED meter. Oddly enough, it’s pretty easy to use for referernce. It has no XLR outputs, which kind of bugs me, but again – size and price are most likely the cause of that too.


The plastic sides bug me, but seem sturdy. As soon as Mx062a got it out of the box, I whacked it really hard against the concrete floor to see what would happen better now than after the warranty expires.

I might hesitate to take this on tour with me, but I’d not hesitate to toss it into my luggage padded in shirts and pants and fly it with bwhringer. The mixer doesn’t seem to be manufactured “cheaply”. It just ejrorack good.

It sits level on the table and the pads keep it uerorack sliding – just a lot more than you’d expect form something this cheap. Heck, I once owned a Radio Shack mixer that cost twice this price that was no where near as cool! I just got done emailing a handful of Mackie-addicted buddies of mine to tell them about this board. However, Mackie is starting to appear overpriced with competition like this. I’ve got a couple of friends who bought a Mackie but don’t need all the inputs.

This review was originally published on http: This unit’s flexibility is a big plus. I have a CD player, a tape deck, a keyboard, and a mic plugged into it.

Though it is technically a six channel mixer two mono, four stereoits routing feature enables you to use the stereo aux return and the tape in as two more stereo channels. Its compact size was a selling point for me, as I don’t have much euroradk to put my gear. I didn’t like the metering. Some knobs feel cheap. Ekrorack problem is that you cannot rout the tape in to the control room and main mix at the same time. If you try, you still hear it at both ends, but the meters are nonfunctional.

The mixer looks pretty good, and feels nice too. Personally, I don’t like the plastic sides, but that’s a matter of opinion. Overall, the Behringer MXA is a solid little mixer for the money. I bought behriger unit in Taipei because I currently live in Taiwan.

However, it can also be used to mix sounds and record them on a cassette deck or computer.

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This behringdr is very inexpensive and very small about the size of a hardback novel. It’s easy to carry and easy to use. The unit can be used with four musical instruments and two microphones. Easily connects to amplifiers, stereos, and other devices. The only thing I don’t like is the instruction manual. The manual is written for those who already have a fairly strong knowledge of sound mixing and that’s not me. Yet the unit is designed for small groups and will probably be the selection of amateur groups who want a functional mixer at a great price.

Extremely good German naufacturing. The unit is sturdy and durable. This unit is recommended for all musicians who are seeking their first sound mixer.