T2-LM24A-F • en • v • • Subject to changes. / 2. Technical data sheet. LM24A-F. Damper actuator for operating air control dampers. Damper spindle 6 20 mm. Running time s / 90° Manual override Gear disengagement with push button, can be locked. Connection Cable 1 m / Terminals. IP54 LM24A-MOD • en-gb • • subject to changes. 1 modified with the Belimo Service Tools MFT-P or ZTH EU. The Modbus.

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LM24A-MOD – Damper actuator 5 Nm

The SM series actuators with actuating torque 5 Nm are designed for controlling air dampers with cross section up to 1 m 2 installed in various ventilation and air conditioning systems. This new website is under development.

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The site produced a nice impression. Basic parameter for domestic fan selection Air flow. The actuator is installed directly on the damper axis and locked with a special spindle clamp to prevent its turning-through. The actuator overload protection stops the actuator once it reaches the end positions.


In case of pressing the button on the actuator housing the gear is disengaged and the damper changes into manual operation mode.

,m24a turning angle is adjusted by mechanical end stops. The damper is opened or closed by the single-circuit control.