Miško ekologija. Vilnius, Enciklopedija, p. Bollmann and Braunisch Stravinskienė V. Bendroji ekologija. Kaunas; Šviesa. p. Pratybos. Žemdirbystės sistemos, Bendroji ekologija, Augalinės maisto žaliavos, Gyvūninės maisto žaliavos, Bendroji mikrobiologija, Maisto ūkio ekonomika, Inžinerinė. kraštovaizdžio planavimo įtvirtinimas bendroje valstybės planavimo si- stemoje. sąlyga. Raktažodžiai: kraštovaizdžio planavimas, kraštovaizdžio ekologija.

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Based on our research data and literature sources on the investigation of Lithuanian natural meadowswe developed the following hypothetical models of sown grassland naturalization: Here we consider extensive management and naturalization as one of most natural and requiring minor investments method for grassland restoration.

Restoration and rehabilitation of degraded ecosystems and arid and semiarid lands. A view from the south. Contingency of grassland restoration on year, site, and competition from introduced grasses.

The biology of land restoration. Land abandonment and ecosystem assembly. Agricultural intensification and the loss of habitat, species and amenity in British grasslands: New nature by sowing?


Bendroji ekologija. by Sonata Radcenkaite on Prezi

The current state of species introduction in grassland restoration, and the road ahead. Variation in grazing tolerance and restoration of meadow plant communities. Vegetation changes in seminatural meadows after abandonment in coastal northern Finland.

Vegetation succession in old fields at broad landscape scales. Increasing floristic diversity in grassland: Effect of grasslands on sustainability of the Lithuanian agrolandscape ecosystems. Restoration of hay meadows on ex-arable land: Effects of restoration on plant species richness and composition in Scandinavian semi-natural grasslands.

Restoration and rehabilitation of speciesrich grassland ecosystems in France: The degradation of grassland ecosystems and their recovery. Ecosystem analysis and synthesis: Protection of small bogs and regulation of their environment by coordinated engineering and phytomelioration principles on the model of Polyma Experimental Field Station.

Changes in botanical diversity of sown grasslands due to naturalization and extensive management

The 6th International Conference. Vegetation changes in a wet meadow complex, South Bohemia, Czech Republic. Restoration of species-rich grassland on arable land: Biological productivity of the aboveground part of naturalized sown meadows on a hilly landscape.


Perennial changes in extensively used sown meadow communities.

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Soil microbial community, fertility, vegetation and diversity as targets in the restoration management of meadow grassland. The role of competition and rarity in restoration of a dry grassland in Finland.

Grassland restoration on former croplands in Europe: The restoration and re-creation of species-rich lowland grassland on land formerly managed for intensive agriculture in the UK. The relative role of species pools in determining plant species richness: User Account Sign in to save searches and organize your favorite content.

De Gruyter – Sciendo. Changes in botanical diversity of sown grasslands due to naturalization and extensive management.

Issue 2 First Online: Sign in to annotate.