There are a lot of these around and should be re-calibrated for accurate readings . Type CDVg. An example of the CDV survey meter. Results 1 – 35 of 35 New Victoreen CDV Repair Parts Transformer HV CIVIL DEFENSE CDV MANUAL AND PROBE COVER KIT. To download a reprint of the original Operator’s Manual for this unit click here. Requires standard “D” batteries. Non-Returnable. Units may or may not come in an.

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CD Vremote sensor survey meter, is essentially and CD V gamma survey meter with a removable detector unit for making remote measurements to distances of 25 feet.

The ranges of this instrument is When properly calibrated, the response is within the range of plus or minus 20 percent of the true gamma dose rate from cobalt 60 or cesium when the cable is connected for remote sensor use. The instrument response is within plus or minus 5 percent of the meter indication when the cable is not in the circuit. This instrument is for use by radiological monitors in monitoring stations during the early period following a nuclear attack.


The instrument was designed to decrease the radiation exposure to the manua by enabling to obtain outside dose rate readings while utilizing the protection of some portion of the structure. It’s interesting to note the difference in the tolerance of plus or minus 20 percent with the cable in the circuit and plus or minus 5 percent without the cable out of the circuit.

The metal-cased meter unit seen in these CD V photos was the more durable ruggedized meter and can easily be indentified by the larger black frame around the face of the meter. I have a couple of CD Vs with these metal-cased meters in them.

VICTOREEN CD V Instruction and Maintenance Manual | Survival Monkey Forums

I have seen mentions that these meters being more durable were also to reduce EMP Electromagnetic Pulse effects on the internal electronics of the instrument. The CD V has a removable bottom with a 25 foot extension cable.

The detector element ion-chamber is mounted inside the removable bottom. This allows for the placement of the detector element outside of the shelter area while the metering section of the metering unit would remain inside of the shelter area connected to the detector with the 25 foot cable.


Victoreen Cdv-717 Geiger Counter Radiological Survey Meter 2 Options

The yellow bag is to protect the case bottom from the weather when it is placed outside the shelter area. Victoreen was the only manufacturer of the CD V Here is the CD V opened up.

The cable reel and detector element can be seen in the case bottom at the left in the picture. The center case assy. The case top with metering circuitry at the top of the picture.

The CD V operates on a single D-cell battery. Ruggedized Meter The metal-cased meter unit janual in these CD V photos was the more durable ruggedized meter and can easily be indentified by the larger black frame around the face of the meter.