Title, Cryptanalysis of the HFE Public Key Cryptosystem by Relinearization. Booktitle, Advances in Cryptology – CRYPTO ’99, 19th Annual International. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Cryptanalysis of the HFE Public Key Finally, we develop a new relinearization method for solving such systems for any. Finally, we develop a new relinearization method for solving such systems for any constant ffl? Cryptanalysis of the HFE Public Key Cryptosystem ().

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In certain cases those polynomials could be defined over both a ground and an extension field. If the polynomials have the degree two, we talk about multivariate quadratics. Solving systems of multivariate polynomial equations is proven to be NP-hard or NP-complete. That’s why those schemes are often considered to be good candidates for post-quantum cryptography.

Multivariate cryptography has been very productive in terms of design and cryptanalysis. Overall, the situation is now more stable and the strongest schemes have withstood the test of time.


It is commonly admitted that Multivariate cryptography turned out to be more successful as an approach to build signature schemes primarily because multivariate schemes provide the shortest signature among post-quantum algorithms. It is based on a ground and an extension field.

Multivariate cryptography

The plain version of HFE is considered to be practically broken, cryptanalyysis the sense that secure parameters lead to an impractical scheme. However, some simple variants of HFE, such as the minus variant and the vinegar variant allow one to strengthen the basic HFE against all known attacks. In addition to HFE, J.

Patarin developed other schemes. Multivariate Quadratics involves a public and a private key.

Signatures are generated using the private key and are verified using the public key as follows. The receiver of the signed document must have the public key P in possession.

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Algebraic Cryptanalysis of GOST Encryption Algorithm

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History of cryptography Pubpic Outline of cryptography. Symmetric-key algorithm Block cipher Stream cipher Public-key cryptography Cryptographic hash function Message authentication code Random numbers Steganography.

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Multivariate cryptography – Wikipedia

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