Default Password, Login and IP for your D-Link TM-G router. User Manuals and How to Factory Reset your D-Link TM-G router. instructions. Find the office and computer equipment manual you need at ManualsOnline. D-Link TM-G Network Router User Manual. Page 1. Page 2. Get D-Link TM-G Wireless Router User Manual. Get all D-Link manuals!.

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The TM-G supports high-speed wireless networking at home, at work, and in publicplaces. The TM-G wireless router uses the new It increases the data rate upto 54 Mbps within the 2. Actual data throughput will vary. AntennaScrew in the includedantenna here.

Ports Plug the blue network cable thatcomes with this router into one ofthe ports PowerPlug the power adaptorto power on the TMG Consult with your Cable or DSL provider for proper installation of the modem.

Try to position wireless devices andcomputers with wireless adapters so that the signal passes through drywall oropen doorways and not other materials. The Installation Wizard walks you through the steps to physically connect thehardware components computer, TM-G, modem, cables.

Follow the instructions on screen. Power off your modem, by unplugging the power cord. When done, click the Nextbutton on the Wizard. When done, click the Next button on the Wizard.

Plug in the power adapter to your modem. The lights on your modem should startflashing. Plug the power adapter into the back of the TM-G and plug the other end intoan electrical outlet or power strip. Observe the status lights on the front of the router. The lights for Power, Internet,Wireless, and one of the numbered ports should be lit. If not lit, make surethat all cables are securely connected and if necessary select back to check yourcabling.

Your cables should look similar to the image shown below after you have finishedconnecting all hardware components. Unplug the network cable connected to your computer from your old router andplug it into any of the Ports on the TM-G Plug the power adapter into the back of the TM-G If you do not get this screen that means something is wrong with theconnection between the computer running the CD and your wireless router. After successfully detecting your Internet type you will see one of the followingthree screens.

Create a unique name to identify your wireless network from other wirelessnetworks around you. To protect your router settings from un-authorized access, change theadministrative password. You will see a confirmation of settings page where youcan print this information for future reference. When done, click the Next button onthe Wizard.


Please note that passwords are limited to 15 characters. To Review your settings and either print or save a copy for your records. You will see saving settings and restarting while the router stores all your settings. You may see the router lights blinking and pop-ups on your computer screen taskbar mentioning Internet connectivity. This is all normal.

manuao When the router is setup you will see this Congratulations screen. With a T-Mobile router and phone you do NOT have to enter the security key orpassphrase into your phone manually. Follow these steps to share the encryptionsettings with your phone: Review your settings and either print or save a copy for your records.

Youwill see a pop-up with open, save, cancel. To accessthe Configuration menu: Open a Web browser. If youhave changed the default, make sure that you type the correct IP address. Leave the username blank. Type admin in the password field.

Default password is “admin”. The Configuration menu opens. The following buttons appear on most of the Configuration screens after you have madea configuration change: Click Apply to save changes made to the page.

Click Cancel to clear changes made to the page. Click Help to t-mg5240 up helpful information regarding the page. Click Restart to restart the TM-G If this is not enabled, you cannot connect using a wireless networkadapter. Passphrase – Enter a pass phrase for the router. Select Enabled or Disabled.

Disabled is the default dd-link. If you enable encryption on the TM-G make sure to also enableencryption on all the wireless clients and match the security settings, or wirelessconnection will not be established. This option is commonly used forCable modem services. Each IP address entered in the fields must be in the appropriateIP form, which are four octets separated by a dot x.

YourISP provider will provide you with a username and pasword. This option istypically used for DSL services. Please be sure to remove any existing PPPoE client software installedyour computers. This is considered your internal network. These settings may be referred toas Private settings.

Tm-g52440 which DHCP client to clone. The TM-G firewall feature filters out unrecognized packets to protect your LANnetwork so all computers networked with the TM-G are invisible to the outside world.

D-Link TM-G 54Mbps g Wireless 4-Port Router – Fixya

Special Applications makes some of theseapplications work with the TM-G You may define a single port or a range of ports. You can use acomma to add multiple ports or port ranges.


The TM-G can also block users from accessing restricted web sites. A URL is a specially formatted text string that defines a location on the Internet.

Dlink TM-G5240 User Manual

Ifany part of the URL contains the blocked word, the site will not be accessible and theweb tm-t5240 will not display. To use this feature, enter the text string to be blocked and clickApply. The text to be blocked will appear in the list. Domain blocking will deny all requests to aspecific domain such as http and ftp. It can also allow computers to access specific sitesand deny all other sites.

A URL is a specifically formatted text string thatdefines a location on the internet. It works in the same way as IP Filters with additional settings. You cancreate more detailed access rules for manuao TM-G When virtual services are createdand enabled, it will also display x-link Firewall Rules. It allows acomputer to be exposed to the Internet. This feature is useful for gaming purposes.

D-Link TM-G5240 54Mbps 802.11g Wireless 4-Port Router configuration

The Preamble defines thelength of the CRC block Cyclic Redundancy Check is a common technique fordetecting data transmission manjal for communication between the wireless routerand the roaming wireless network adapters. Auto is the default setting. Highnetwork traffic areas should use the shorter preamble type. They areadmin and user. User canonly view the settings but cannot make any changes. NTP synchronizescomputer clock times in a network of computers.

This field is optional. The savedfile or any other saved setting file can be loaded back dd-link the wireless router. To reload asystem settings file, click on Browse to browse the local hard drive and locate the systemfile to be used.

You may also reset the wireless router back to factory settings by clickingon Restore. Make sure the firmware you want touse is on the local hard drive of the computer. Click on Browse to browse the local harddrive and locate the firmware to be used for the update. Please check the D-Link supportsite for firmware updates at http: You can download firmwareupgrades to your hard drive from the D-Link support site. Select Disabled to Enable. Users who have a Dynamic DNSaccount may use this feature. If you are not using a Gaming application, it is recommended that youDisable Gaming Mode.

This is a useful feature since manycomputers do not use a static IP address.