Hello! Does anyone have a copy of the conversion document for the Dark Inheritance Spycraft book to the Spycraft version?. Hey! I am looking to convert the Dark Inheritance setting (Powered by Spycraft ) to Spycraft and was wondering if anyone has a. Originally released by Mythic Dreams Studios for the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game, Dark Inheritance is designed for Spycraft, AEG’s d

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Dark Inheritance describes a world transformed by disaster and wonder; a horrifying alternate version of our own Earth. It is recommended that a player choose to ally his character with one of the seven agencies, and certain benefits are provided for doing so.

Geek Native uses the Skimlinks algorithm to to deploy affiliate links. Dark Inheritance brings the expected Spycraft extras. Sorry that something went wrong, repeat again! This was followed up by the Adventure Companion, which contained 3 campaign settings originally intended for release as part of the core book before being cut for space, and a fourth chapter offering a number of new game mechanic options, including a compilation of the non-spellcasting “Call to Arms” character class releases, some additional classes and a small library of additional specialities, feats and tricks.

Retrieved 7 January The Godgenes grant these individuals powers once attributed to the gods of old. You’ll have to look closely at the hard cover to notice the Mythic Dreams logo though. The hybrid macro species is, essentially, Moreaus animal-men for Spycraftresults of genetic experimentation.


Dark Inheritance I like the idea of a godgene. Pick from five distinct lineages and over powers from a lost age!

Dark Inheritance

This campaign utilises a version of Classic Spycraft that incorporates aspects of Spycraft 2. Every item in our inventory has been inspected, very strictly graded, and bagged for its protection. Relics made a great Magoffin for Dark Inheritance games that ineritance the PCs something to look for and their enemies something to come after.

This model has changed over time, permitting a growing number of print releases including compilations of previous PDF releases. Add a copy to your collection.

Dark Inheritance

Subscribe to Geek Native as a source. Archived from the original on February 9, Other lineages include the Crimson Lords — the self appointed nobles of the Titans, the Hidden Suns — the scholars and healers, the Storm Crows — warriors and seers and the Void Phoenixes — chaotic creationists. The Spycraft system was used in the Stargate SG-1 role-playing game. Here we have the hero PCs – characters with a gene passed on to them through their ancestors since the mythic ages.

A Dark Inheritance campaign also introduces several new classes, four of which are revised from other Spycraft products, to stand alongside the base classes from the standard Spycraft campaign. With the ending of the Shadowforce Archer line, Spycraft fans should appreciate the addition of unheritance new setting with occult elements.

The watcher is a member of the Promethean Order that specializes in ingratiating himself to titans, particularly those that know little or nothing or their powers.


The idea of the godgenes is that among the human race is the heritage of powerful beings in an ancient time. The advocate is not a highly combative character class, but when pursuing their agenda, their abilities with skill use are very telling.

Most of the interior art is recycled from the D20 Modern edition of the book. Either of these paths can be entered via feats or by entering a base class the base class allows safe access to much higher level spells. Errors The following errors occurred with your inheritamce. Arcanists use physical devices to form this link, while gnostics are innately linked to the Ethereal and are in essence living foci.

I supported because… “I support the Geek because of all the great friends I’ve made here.

Dark Inheritance Spycraft conversion document – Anyone have one?

spycraf Spycraft has a long history with Organized Play and Living Campaigns. There are also monsters, creatures straight from the other dangerous Otherworld and the abyss.

Indeed there are only three: Complete and very useable. It’s daro the competing interest groups – cults, societies and government agencies – that the book gets especially Spycrafty.