24 channel H recorder. Features. – HSR = high speed, high resolution. – 8 analogue camera inputs, expandable up to 24 camera inputs. – Simultaneous. Dallmeier DMS HSR Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Dallmeier DMS HSR Configuration. Get in-depth information on Dallmeier DMS HSR Bank Digital video recorder (DVR) including detailed technical specifications. Besides, view the entire.

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We reserve the right to make technical modifications.

The manufacturer accepts no liability for damage to property or pecuniary damages arising due to minor defects of the product or documentation, e. Dallmeier electronic respects the intellectual property of third parties and always attempts to ensure the complete identification of third-party trademarks and indication of the respective holder of rights. In case that protected rights are not indicated separately, this circumstance is no reason to assume that the respective trademark is unprotected.

It has been produced on the basis of version software. The descriptions in this document apply to all above-mentioned models.

For simplification reasons, the term DMS is thus used. If text passages require distinctions to be made between the devices, the complete device name will be mentioned. Main Functions The document entitled Main Functions contains descriptions on how to operate the essential functions of the device. The target audience of this document is the operator. No special technical knowledge is required. Operation this document The document entitled Operation contains detailed descriptions on how to operate the unit.

General information on the appropriate use and maintenance is also provided. The target audience of this document is the operator of the unit. Configuration The document entitled Configuration contains detailed descriptions configuration of the unit. Safety notes, general information and technical data are additionally provided. The target audience of hdr document is exclusively specially trained and authorized professionals har. Paragraphs in italics provide information on basic principles, special features and efficient procedure as well as general recommendations.

Qualified personnel Installation, mounting, connection, commissioning and configuration of the unit may only be carried out by qualified personnel. This also 20 to the maintenance, testing and 420, whereat the regulations of the DIN VDE series of standards repair, modification and dm of electrical appliances must be followed. Regulations The use of video and audio surveillance systems in general is strictly regulated.

Inform yourself about the applicable laws and regulations regarding data, working and environmental protection before using the unit and ensure compliance with them. System components Only use internal components that have been tested and approved by Dallmeier.

Inappropriate internal components can cause malfunctions, damages and data loss and can result in loss of warranty.

Modifications Do not make any modifications to the hardware or software that ddms not been tested and approved by Dallmeier. Inappropriate modifications can cause malfunctions, damages and data loss and can result in loss of warranty.


Documentation Carefully and completely read the documents included in delivery. Always observe the contained instructions, notes and warnings. Condensation water If the unit is brought from a cold to a warm environment, resulting condensation water can cause malfunctions and damages.

In this case wait up to 8 hours until the unit has reached room temperature before commissioning. Operating conditions Unfavourable operating conditions can shorten the life of the unit and can cms malfunctions, damages and data los s and can result in loss of warranty. Observe the specifications given in the technical data, the operating condition requirements and the maintenance instructions.

Shocks Shocks can hsg malfunctions and damages. The unit may not be dmms while in operation. Foreign bodies If objects or liquids get into the unit, immediately disconnect it from the power supply pull out the power plug.

Contact the sales partner responsible for your area.

Dallmeier DMS HSR Manuals

Opening The housing of the unit may only be opened by qualified personnel for inspection, maintenance and repair. Disposal Disconnect the unit from the power supply. Remove all connected devices. Return the unit to your respective sales partner. Each basic version can be upgraded with additional analogue, IP bases or HD video inputs.

Up to 30 input and 5 output relay contacts are available for control and switching hsrr. In addition, PTZ cameras can be connected to the serial interface.

The DMS is especially characterized by the following functions and properties: Front view Filter pad behind the panel 2 Power blue Always lights up while the unit is switched on.

Depending on the splitter configuration see Configurationlive images of the connected cameras will be displayed in a certain split window. Split type 2×2 If a camera has been assigned to a split window the camera name will be displayed in the top left corner.

The system time is always displayed in the bottom right edge of the display. The task bar with the buttons for selecting the split type will be displayed.

The current split type is marked in blue. Task bar for selecting the split type 5. Please take into account that this function is not available for split types 4x4c and 5×5. The context menu for selecting the CVBS monitor will be displayed. Context menu for selecting the CVBS monitor 5. The split will be marked with a yellow frame.

The context menu of the multi split types will be displayed. Context menu multi split types Expand Click on Expand to display the current split window as single split. The context menu of the single split is available. The Expand and Back functions can also be triggered by double-clicking in the respective split. The context menu of the single split will be displayed. Context menu Single split Sequencer If the recorder has been configured for alternately displaying various cameras sequencethis sequence will run in the single split after clicking on Sequencer.


Back The context menu only contains the entry Back if a single split has been activated by clicking on Expand in a multi split type. Click on Back to return to the multi split type. Select a camera by clicking on the corresponding menu entry. The camera will be shown in the single split. This action deactivates the sequencer if it was active before. This info field displays recording activity, recording duration and the occupancy of the video memory track or HDD.

The detailed display with single tracks will be displayed after a left-click. All track modes Fig. The Login dialog will be displayed. The graphical user interface will be displayed.

Depending on the splitter configuration see Configurationlive images of the connected cameras will be displayed in a certain split type.

Corresponding buttons and controls will be deactivated if necessary. The corresponding chapter applies accordingly. The GUI additionally provides camera buttons for toggling between the cameras.

The hr of the camera currently displayed is marked in red. Camera buttons Toggling between cameras in multi split types The context menu for toggling between the cameras is also provided for multi split types. However, if you want to toggle between the cameras with the camera buttons, you have to first define a split window for displaying the camera image. Marked split windows If there is no split window marked the top left split window will automatically be used for toggling between the cameras.

Dallmeier DMS 240 HSR Bank Standalone H.264 Audio And Video Recorder With Up To 24 Analog Channels

The context menu of the button will be displayed. The virtual keyboard will be displayed. Context menu for selecting a preset If you select Default in the context menu, the split type will be displayed with the cameras assigned to by default. This basic assignment is done when configuring the splitter see Configuration. The live image of the camera will be displayed. The camera control button will be activated. Camera control button Click on the Camera control button. The camera control panel will be displayed Functions Fig.

For this purpose 18 presets are available. Normally, it is not necessary to change this configuration. A red frame in the preview window shows the position of the image section.

For this purpose 8 presets are available. Please note that these changes will not affect the graphical user interface. The settings will be saved automatically. They will be valid after a reboot as well.

Please note that these settings will only affect the intercom. The audio settings for recording remain unchanged. The full functionality for track playback and analysis is available. Unnecessary functions are disabled e. Some functions are not available for all camera types.