Purchase / E88CC vacuum tubes online, in stock and ready to ship! Find reviews, data Genalex – Gold Lion E88CC / . Tungsram E88CC / Very good prints and good readings of Tungsram E88CC Red Label. Red labels are industrial grades. Tungsram seldom gets the spotlights for their tubes, but. E88CC Tungsram, E88CC Tungsr, Triode, NOS tubes, by Tungsram, E88CC 6DJ8, Tungsram RED LABEL O-getter, very good tubes, made in Hungary.

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Tungsram 6922/E88CC Vintage Tube

Excellent sonics and reliability. Similar tooling to classic German Amperex installed in Audible Illusions and Audio Research preamplifiers in mids.

Ideal line stage tube. Similar to tube manufactured by Phillips-Holland in the s for Amperex.

Most are very microphonic. Initially tungsdam tube checks out OK but many prematurely fail due to poor construction. Excellent reliability but most tubes microphonic. One of the finest sounding preamplifier tubes ever made. Very popular tube for current production Modulus preamps. Sounds like a cross between a good Amperex and Tungsram.


E88CC recommendations?

Excellent sonics with sweet top end. Manufactured for Amperex in the s and early s. Probably the finest sounding preamplifier tube ever made. Excellent line stage tube.

Same tooling as EI-Yugoslavian tube but superior workmanship.

Sweet sonics, somewhat microphonic. Manufactured for Mullard by Philips-Holland in the s. Installed in early A.

Tungsram /E88CC Vintage Tube | eBay

Modulus series 1 preamps, this tube has a very sweet-uniform sound. Sweet sounding tube but most have excessive microphonics.

Quiet-smooth, low microphonics but somewhat fat bass response. Has a tendency to oscillate in early Modulus series 1 and 2 preamps. Do not use these in older A. Tube has glassy sound and unacceptable microphonics.