View and Download Kodak EasyShare Z quick start manual online. Kodak EasyShare Z Quick Start. EasyShare Z Digital Camera pdf manual. User manual for the device Kodak EASYSHARE Z Online user manual database. Camera manuals and free digital camera pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for your camera and more at ManualsOnline.

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Before connecting any cables, install the software that was included with your camera. For details, see Attaching the lens cap and strap www. We recommend Complete or Easy Install. At the prompt, press OK. A card can only be inserted one way; forcing it may cause damage. Inserting or removing a card when the ready light is blinking may damage pictures, card, or camera. Shutter button completely down. The picture is saved unless you press the Delete button.

Framing marks do not appear in all modes. The video is saved unless you press the Delete button. Press Wide Easyshwre W to zoom out.

The zoom indicator shows zoom status. In picture-taking mode, repeatedly press Info button and histogram. To turn off the flash, close it. Pictures taken at the 6. Magnifying a picture www. Press again to exit. Press the Menu button to exit the menu. Formatting z701 memory or a card deletes all including protected pictures, videos, email addresses, album names, and favorites. Use the Slide Show to display your pictures and videos on the camera.

To run a slide show on a television or on any external device, see use an optional Kodak 3-volt AC adapter. Starting the slide show 1 Press the Review button, then press the Menu button. To purchase accessories, visit www.

Image quality on a television screen may not be as good as on a computer monitor or when eqsyshare. Review, press the Info the histogram appears. Pre-tagging for album names Use the Set Album Still or Video feature to pre-select album names before you take pictures or videos. Then, all the pictures or videos you take are tagged with those album names.

See EasyShare software Help for details. Use the Album feature in Review mode to tag the pictures and videos in your camera with album names.


For the best 4 x 6 in. Tagging pictures and videos for emailing First—on your computer Use Manuwl EasyShare software to create an email address book on your computer.


For details, see EasyShare software Help. Favorite, then press the OK button. To remove the tag, 41 or an EasyShare dock. Videos tagged as favorites eashshare not loaded www.

Preventing favorites from transferring to the camera 1 Open the Kodak EasyShare software. Click the My Collection tab. Favorites that were taken on this camera not imported from another source are good for prints up to 4 x 6 in.

Kodak Z710 User Manual

Never For flash settings in each mode, see www. Press the flash button repeatedly to scroll through flash modes. Press the Shutter button halfway, then completely down. The picture is taken after the manua. Point-and-shoot simplicity when taking pictures under 14 special conditions. See Video Video with sound. See More creative control. Scene modes, page Self- Close-ups of yourself.

Kodak Z710 Digital Camera User Manual

Portrait Assures proper focus and minimizes red eye. For information on PASM modes, see www. Close-up focus distance — — During Quickview, you can delete all pictures in the burst series.

To delete selectively, do so in Review see page A person swinging a golf club. Some modes offer limited settings. Setting Picture Size Choose a picture resolution. For recommended print sizes, visit www. Available only in Easyshre mode. Select a large or concentrated area of focus. Available only in PASM mode. AF Control Choose an auto-focus setting. Ideal for general picture taking. Daylight—for pictures in natural lighting.

If not, the camera uses internal memory. Internal Memory—the camera always uses internal memory, even if a card is installed. Customizing your camera, page www. Capture Frame Grid Turn framing grid on or off. Quickview Change Quickview default. Advanced Digital Zoom Choose how digital zoom is employed. PAL—used in Europe and China. On default Choose a date option, or turn off the feature. P, A, S, and M modes, see 2 To make pictures lighter, press To make pictures darker, press The setting remains until you change it or turn off the camera.

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Smaller f-stop numbers indicate a larger lens opening; good for portraits and low-light conditions. Windows OS—if the install window does not appear, choose Run from the Start menu and type d: If your camera was packaged with a Kodak EasyShare dock, use the dock to transfer pictures to your computer.


Connecting kanual camera to a PictBridge enabled printer 1 Turn off the camera and printer. If you have a Kodak 3-volt AC adapter optional accessoryplug it into the camera and into an electrical outlet.

Do not use the AC adapter mabual with the Kodak EasyShare camera dock or printer dock to power your camera. Disconnecting the camera from a PictBridge enabled printer 1 Turn off the camera and printer. Choose the number of copies. Transferring and printing pictures Ordering prints online Kodak EasyShare Gallery is one of the many online print services offered in EasyShare software. Store pictures, and share them with family and friends.

Insert a new or charged essyshare. Connect the camera to a Kodak 3-volt AC adapter sold separatelythen try again. Confirm that the battery in camera is charged. Turn camera off, ,anual on again. Lens does not extend in Favorites mode. Card may be corrupted.

Format card in camera. See Format in the table that starts on page Change image storage location to internal memory. Make sure maanual USB cable is connected on camera and Use the Direct print menu to change the image storage location.

Press any button to redisplay the menu. Get help with the Windows operating system and working with digital pictures Other Get support for other cameras, software, accessories, more Get information on Kodak EasyShare printer docks Get information on Kodak inkjet products Optimize your printer for truer, more vibrant colors Register your camera www.

If you have questions concerning this product, you may speak with Kodak customer support.

Australia Austria Belgium 02 14 eastshare Brazil Canada 1 China Center-zone available in PASM modes. The SD logo is a trademark of www. Contact Kodak customer support.