@ Many Muslims drink Zamzam water for use either medicinally or religiously. Millions of pilgrims drink. Le peuple assure que son eau augmente toutes les nuits du jeudi au de l’eau de Zamzam, dans des jarres qu’on appelle dawârih (pluriel de dawrak, cruche). À travers unesource, si elle existeet que nous pouvonsen boire ; (par exemple: eau de Lourdes, eau de Zamzam à la Mecque, eau du Gange). Dans les villes.

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King Salman on Monday zzamzam a number of decisions taken by the Saudi Health Council including the establishment of the National Center for Evidence-based Health Practice to improve health care services in the Kingdom.

The center will work to consolidate an evidence-based work culture in the Saudi health sector. The zxmzam are aimed at improving the quality of health services and raising the standard of the Saudi health sector.

It has been decided to unify codes for lab measurement units across the Kingdom.

The executive plan of the program will be implemented in cooperation with all stakeholders to develop an integrated system of rules and regulations.

The secretary-general of the Saudi Health Council, Dr. Nahar Al-Azmi, thanked King Salman for approving the decisions of the council. Tawfiq Al-Rabiah, who is also president of the council, and other council members for their support and encouragement. Under new rules, hospitals are not allowed to reject heart-related cases transported by the Saudi Red Crescent provided the health facilities are well-equipped to handle such cases. Al-Azmi said regarding oncology services in the Kingdom, specialized hospitals zamzqm medical cities have been directed to activate a hub-and-spoke cooperation program.


He said it will be implemented in two phases: In the first phase, oncology units in Arar, Madinah and Asir regions will be linked to specialized hospitals, and in the second phase, specialized hospitals will provide other health zwmzam — with the most referrals — with studies and relevant work plans.

The council will reportedly work on developing the system to meet the needs of these services. The council will activate through the national center, the National Oncology Registry, publish the results regularly, and unify the protocols of treatment across the Kingdom. The Saudi Health Council will also develop a mechanism to control the acquisition of radiotherapy and cyclotron machines, to ensure the process is done in accordance with the needs and standards of each region.

Passengers shocked at sudden change of rules for Zamzam

The Council of Cooperative Health Insurance will also conduct a study on insurance controls to include oncology treatments. You are here Home Passengers shocked at sudden change of rules for Zamzam. Updated 03 Zamzzm Passengers shocked at sudden change of rules for Zamzam.

Earlier, passengers could take a minimum of 10 liters of Zamzam water per person, but the new rule limits the amount to only five liters per passenger causing tensions with airport officials. Muzamal Sarkar, traveling to London, called Arab News and complained about the change in rules which prohibit passengers from taking liter bottles zamza Zamzam water.

Zamzam water: concentration of trace elements and other characteristics.

Sarkar explained that many passengers were taken aback by the sudden change in rules and were now wondering about what to do with the liter bottles they had carried with them from Makkah.

He further said that there was a stall at the airport which was selling five-liter bottles of Zamzam water for SR10 each and the packing facility was also at a distance from the airport.

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Another passenger, Salman Hassan Zaman, told Arab News that about a month ago he had traveled with his family carrying five bottles of liters of Zamzam water but this time he was stuck with the liter bottle and had to discard it at the airport.

Saudi traveler Ali Al Zahrani said that the new rule for carrying Zamzam should be mentioned on the airline ticket to avoid the harassment passengers were currently experiencing. Zamza further said that GACA had given the contract to a company which supplies the five-liter packed Zamzam water for the passengers at the airport.

Hide comments Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Updated 48 zamsam 5 sec ago. King Salman approves steps to improve health care in KSA. Show comments Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Two Saudi healthcare firms plan IPOs as demand booms.

Zamzam Well – Wikipedia

Saudi health ministry takes steps to enhance health care. UK police say three people suffered knife injuries in incident at Manchester Victoria station. Organization of Islamic Cooperation calls to zamam drought-hit Afghanistan. Media moments that shaped What the Middle East has to look forward to in The year of Saudi Women.

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