Can anyone tell me how can I make programs for FANUC 21i-TB on Daewoo PUMA? I saw some small programs extension. Tailstock double speed option. Tailstock repositioning. CTX SERIES TAILSTOCK AND REST. Manual movement of tailstock and. FANUC Series 21 i-TB 21i-TB Series 21i. FANUC Series 21 i-MB 21i-MB FANUC Series 21 Oi-TB i-TB Series i. FANUC Series

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Fanuc System 5 series is a CNC produced in the largest number and most popular in the world. The Fanuc 5 series consists of Fanuc 5D for drilling and milling machines, 5T for lathes and the Fanuc System 5M for milling machines and machining centres.

Fanuc > Fanuc 21i-T Parameters

Fanuc Mate Series these are manual CNC’s featuring very small size and can incorporate in the machine tools. Fanuc System 7 series is a high performance and future-oriented CNC.


Fanuc series is a CNC of which functions can be easily changed by software.

Fanuc series is a CNC which has many sophisticated control functions and is suitable for any machine tools from a 2 axis positioning like the turret punch press to a 9 axis control like the machining centre. It consists of the Fanuc C for lathes and the Fanuc C for machining centres. serles


The programs of machining process are keyed into the internal memory in advance. It controls 1,2 or 3-axis using closed-loop control capable of employing feedback from low-cost encoders as well as resolvers.

Use of the internal microprocessor and memory has eliminated conventional limit switches for tracing from machine tools, sefies automatic tracing only by storing the machine position by a simple operation. Use of built-in CRT character display unit permits display of various information for easy understanding, providing easy operation and maintenance. The 30i control combines speed, precision, and user-friendliness to better satisfy multiple user needs.


These functions provide powerful capabilities for complex and free-form surfaces. The Series 21i runs up to 4 servo-controlled axes at increments as low as 0. It supports up to two spindles plus an additional four independent axes with the loader option. Fanuc Series Oi was designed for entry-level job shop machines, it controls up to 4 programmable axes, and offers over standard features, including High-speed machining, Tool life management, Cutter compensation, Canned cycles, Rigid tapping and much more.

Fanuc > Recommend data transfer software for Fanuc Series 21i-TB – Page 2

With the Series Oi, swries will immediately increase the productivity of your shop, and continue receiving results over the life of your investment. All trademarks are acknowledged. Fanuc Part finder Product number: