A collection of useful phrases in West Flemish, a Germanic language spoken in Belgium. The phrasebook is a hands-on tool that teaches language phrases and basic sentences. You will also enjoy a wholesome learning experience. English-Flemish Phrase Book: A Selection of Words and Sentences for Daily Use with Flemish Residents in England and a Short List of Military Terms.

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Belgium: Important Phrases – TripAdvisor

All training is facilitated by highly qualified and experienced instructors, teaching practical skills while maintaining competitive prices for individuals and businesses.

Travelers who plan to stay in a given locale for a few days or even a few weeks phrasevook find a pocketbook language translation book will suffice. Phrases and daily expressions have a very important role in Flemish.

Laat me met rust. I beg your pardon! Sta ik onder arrest? If you’d like to see these phrases in any combination of two languages, try the Phrase Finder. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Is this seat taken? Nog een prettige dag! Mag ik de keuken zien, alstublieft? Goed, ik neem deze. Visit BBC Webwise for full instructions. It is the best way to learn about history, a culture, a way of life and the language of the people.


Ik begrijp het niet. The Flemish are likely to try and switch to English as soon fflemish they notice you’re a foreigner. Can I help you?

Ik kom direct terug! The three official languages are therefore French, Dutch and German. Download all the audio files Zip format.

OK, Ik neem het. Hoe lang duurt het om er te geraken? Ik wil het niet. Bless you when sneezing Gezondheid!

Our Belgium travel guide is an easy to read and easily accessible guide that gives a quick country overview.

Belgium Travel Guide: Flemish Phrasebook. Useful Flemish Words and Phrases.

Kan ik met Britse ponden betalen? Kan u mij een ander hotel aanraden? This page has been archived and is no longer updated. Reply to ‘How are you?

Spreekt hier iemand Engels? How much does it cost?

Dutch phrasebook

Yes, a little reply to ‘Do you speak? I can show you!

Historically, French Flanders and parts of the Lower Rhine Region in Germany also belong to the Dutch language sphere, ohrasebook during the age of colonization it has also spread to Indonesia and other former Dutch colonies.


Learning to speak the language is a good way to prepare for a trip, since it eases the communication barrier. Have a good trip!