Global Graphics gDoc Fusion is a desktop application aimed at easing the process of creating and managing documents in industry-standard PDF or XPS. gDoc Fusion is an application that allows the user to join text files and other documents in only one. The program supports Global Graphics Software. 1 . Global Graphics PLC is known for its digital printing and document technology including the In , Global Graphics introduced the gDoc brand as the successor to the productivity applications, such as gDoc Fusion and gDoc Creator.

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At present, XPS is unlikely to be necessary to most users.

If you need a simple to use application that integrates well with Microsoft Office, however, as well as offering good editing and management options without the need for latest Acrobat features, gDoc Fusion is highly recommended. Ever since Adobe’s PDF format became an open standard for print and other types of file exchange, the globa for budget PDF software has started to become a little crowded, so a new package must offer something a little different.


This is a rival format to Fusioon developed by Microsoft and Global Graphics that has since been released as an open standard to take on Adobe’s popular format. You are unlikely fsion find many documents being exchanged in XPS at present, but it works in a very similar fashion to PDF and may gain ground over coming years.

Global Graphics

With gDoc Fusion itself, you can also edit and manage Graphiics, incorporating comments or exporting documents to Word format. The gDoc Fusion interface is extremely easy to use, and for quick conversions to or from PDF you can simply drag and drop files onto the welcome screen.

The other views – page, document, and flick view – provide more control over working with PDF files so that you can edit individual pages or merge other documents without losing formatting.

Various options also allow you to fine-tune such things as print settings. One thing to be aware of is that, as with other PDF packages that are not Acrobat, gDoc Fusion is restricted with creating documents in the PDF format, in this case up to version 1. Ydoc is unlikely to pose too many problems, as the most significant additions to PDF, such as multimedia embedding and digital signatures, were all implemented previously.


If you need support for the later features, however, as well as advanced form editing features, Adobe Acrobat Professional is still the best software on the market. Although slightly more expensive, it is generally a simpler to use editor, particularly as it integrates so well with Microsoft Officethe software which many of us still use to generate documents that are eventually converted to PDF.

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Pros Support for XPS, good interface. Cons XPS is not yet a popular format. Would you buy this? Sign in with LinkedIn Sign in with Facebook. Read more on these topics: