History of Baalbek [Michel M. Alouf, Tedd St Rain] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. At one time, the worldwide fame of the ruins at Baalbek. Baalbek is an ancient Phoenician city located in what is now modern day Lebanon, north of Beirut, in the Beqaa Valley. Inhabited as early. Author: Michel M. Alouf; Category: Voyages; Length: Pages; Year:

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In my previous editions of the history of Baal bek, I had drawn my facts from the best authorities then known, but the new light thrown on the subject by the German Mission shows, that, on laouf points, my information was inexact.

Profiting by the discoveries of the German Mission and by those I have made myself, Ihave been able to make many corrections the present work.


History of Baalbek

In the former edition of my book, I inserted two plans, one representing the original state of the temple, one showing their present con dition. These plans were the most exact to be obtained at that time; the Histry Mission have provided us with more precise ones.

Thanks to them, I have been able to give, in this hhistory, the plans of the temples, before they were touched by either the Byzantines or the Arabs, thus giving a good idea of the grandeur of Roman Architecture at its apogee.

I have also added a plan, showing the present ruined state of the temples.

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