Manuals or user guides for your HP Photosmart C All-in-One Printer series. View and Download HP PHOTOSMART C user manual online. Hewlett- Packard All in One Printer User Manual. PHOTOSMART C All in One Printer . User guide • Read online or download PDF • HP Photosmart C All-in-One Printer User Manual • HP Printers.

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Create a network profile for other operating systems Use the photo features Print photos Perform special copy jobs Exposure to radio frequency radiation Notice to users in Brazil Notice to users in Canada Notice to users in Taiwan HP All-in-One overview Use the HP All-in-One to quickly and easily accomplish tasks such as making a copy, scanning documents, or printing photos from a memory card.

You can access many HP All-in-One functions directly from the control panel, without turning on your computer. Turns the HP All-in-One on or off. When the HP All- in-One is off, a minimal amount of power is still used by the device.

To completely remove power, turn the HP All-in-One off, and then unplug the power cord. Check the Contents panel on the left. Name and Description Cancel button: Stops a task such as scanning or copying or resets settings such as Quality and Copies.

Install the software to access the Readme file. This Web site offers technical support, drivers, supplies, and ordering information. This section contains links to commonly performed tasks, such as sharing and printing photos and optimizing your print jobs.

You can also connect the HP All-in-One to a wireless network or use printer sharing to share the device over an existing home network. Chapter 5 Use printer sharing If your computer is on a network, and another computer on the network has an HP All- in-One connected to it by a USB cable, you can print to that printer using printer sharing.

The computer directly connected to the HP All-in-One acts as the host for the printer and has full software functionality. Integrated wireless WLAN HP recommends this method.

In order to connect the HP All-in-One to your computer ad hocyou need to create an ad hoc network profile on your computer. To find the configuration program for your wireless LAN card, access your computer’s list of programs.

During installation of a wireless connection, the software will discover the network name SSID of the existing network.

Once you have set up the HP All-in-One on the network you will not need to configure it again when you add additional computers. If you already understand how to connect to a network, you can use the general directions below. HP All-in-One to the network, the wireless radio is turned on automatically. The blue light on the front of the HP All-in-One indicates that the wireless radio is on.

In order to stay connected to a wireless network, the radio must stay on. A subnet is an IP address assigned by the installation software to make an additional network available as part of a larger network.

Subnets are specified by a subnet mask. This mask determines which of the HP All-in-One IP address bits identify the network and subnet, and which bits identify the device itself. The radio is turned off.

HP Photosmart C All-in-One Printer series User Guides | HP® Customer Support

The number of packets transmitted by the HP All-in-One without error since transmitted it has been turned on. The counter clears after the HP All-in-One is turned off. When a message is transmitted over a packet-switching network, it is broken up into packets.


Each packet contains the destination address as well as the data.

No longer commonly used in modern home networks, a gp takes its signal from each computer and sends it to all of the other computers connected to the hub. IP address, though this is not recommended. This is a unique digit identification number assigned to networking hardware for identification.

HP Photosmart C4380 All-in-One Printer series User Guides

No two pieces of hardware have the same MAC address. By default, the HP All-in-One is set to detect the manua and type of paper you load in the input ;hotosmart automatically and then adjust its settings to generate the highest quality output for that paper. It is available in several sizes, including A4, 8. HP Advanced Photo Paper is marked on the nonprinting corners with the following symbol.

If you want the best print quality, HP recommends using HP papers. Using paper that is too thin or too thick, paper that has a slick texture, or paper that stretches easily can cause paper jams.

At this time, some portions of the HP Web site are available in English only. Papers to avoid Using paper that is too thin or too thick, paper that has a slick texture, or paper that stretches easily can cause paper jams. To load full-size paper Slide c480 paper-width guide to its outermost position.

If you are using letter, A4, or smaller paper, make sure the tray extender is open all the way. Load 10 x 15 cm 4 x 6 inch photo paper You can load 10 x 15 cm 4 x 6 inch photo paper into the input tray of the HP All-in-One.

Do not use shiny or photozmart envelopes or envelopes that have clasps or windows. For best results, set the paper type to transparency film before printing on transparency film. On the File menu in your software application, click Print. Select the HP All-in-One as the printer. If you set the HP All-in-One as the default printer, you can skip this step. The HP All- in-One will already be phktosmart. This means that the HP All-in-One is automatically selected in the printer list when you select Print from the File menu in a software application.

Make sure you have paper loaded in the input tray. Make sure the HP All-in-One is the selected printer. Click the button that opens the Properties dialog box. Depending on your photosmarh application, this button might be called Properties, Options, Printer Setup, Printer, or Preferences. Usually, you set the page orientation in the software application you used to create your document or project.

However, if you are using custom-size or special HP paper, or if you cannot set the page orientation from your software application, you can change the page orientation in the Properties dialog box before printing.

Click the Color tab. This helps to prevent wasting paper and ink on projects that do not print as expected. To preview your print job Make sure you have paper loaded in the input tray.

Print dialog box from within your software application. Make changes to the print photoamart, and click OK. If you frequently print on transparency film, for example, you can create a printing shortcut by selecting the Presentation Printing shortcut, changing the paper type to HP Premium Inkjet Transparency Film, and then saving the modified shortcut under a new name; for example, Transparency Presentations.


Only the shortcuts that you have created can be deleted. The original HP shortcuts cannot be deleted.

Perform special print jobs In addition to supporting standard print jobs, pyotosmart HP All-in-One can perform special jobs such as printing borderless images, iron-on transfers, and posters. This section contains the following topics: In the Basic Options area, select a high print quality, such as Best or Maximum dpi from the Print Quality drop-down list.

In the HP Real Life technologies area, click the Photo fix drop-down list and select from the following options: When printing two-sided pages, make sure to use paper that is thick enough so that images do not show through to the other side. For best results, design your document to fit on a multiple of four pages, such as an 8, 12, or page program for a child’s school play or for a c43880.

Do not click Continue in the dialog box until you have reloaded the paper as instructed in the following steps. Wait until the HP All-in-One has stopped printing for several seconds before removing any of the printed pages from the output tray. Print a multiple-page document in reverse order Because of the way the paper feeds through the HP All-in-One, the first maanual that prints is print side up at the bottom of the stack.

Usually this means you need to put the printed pages in the correct order. To prevent jams, manually feed the iron-on transfer sheets into the input tray one sheet at a time. To print on transparencies Load the transparency into the input tray. Print a group of mnual on labels or envelopes With the HP All-in-One, you can print on a single envelope, a group of envelopes, or label sheets designed for inkjet printers.

In the Poster Printing drop-down list, click either 2×2 4 sheets3x3 9 sheets4x4 16 sheetsor 5×5 25 sheets. This selection tells the HP All-in-One to enlarge your document so that it fits on 4, 9, 16, or 25 pages.

To print Web pages correctly, you might need to set your print orientation to Landscape. Although most software applications designed for Windows use the Windows print spooler, your software application might not use the spooler.

You can also double-click the printer icon in the Windows taskbar. Select the print job you want to cancel.

Use the photo features The HP All-in-One is equipped with memory card slots photosmaet enable you to insert a memory card and begin printing photos from your digital camera without uploading your photos to a pgotosmart first.

Additionally, if the HP All-in-One is network-connected or connected to a computer with a USB cable, you can also transfer your photos to the computer to print, edit, photosmatr share. The HP All-in-One enables you to print one borderless or bordered photo per page directly from your memory card, without first having to transfer the files to a computer. The HP All-in-One is set to detect the type and size of paper you are using automatically.

To print an enlargement of a photo Insert your memory card into the appropriate slot on the HP All-in-One. The most recent image on the card appears on the display.