Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) said: Cry of the Icemark was a stirring military The Cry of the Icemark (The Icemark Chronicles, #1). Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Grade –This epic fantasy has at its center a Book 1 of 3 in The Icemark Chronicles (3 Book Series). A brave girl must defy an empire to save her homeland in a sweeping fantasy that combines breathless action with richly-imagined characters. After the death of.

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He manages to discover love and friendship and ends up playing a vital role in helping Icemark defeat Cronus, Medea, and their powerful army of Ice Demons from destroying the physical realms. I truly loved this book. We even got to have extra family read aloud sessions. Books In This Series 3 Books. Book 1 of the Protector of the Small Quartet. Yet the Vampire Queen miraculously returns after regrouping her forces in the Land of the Ghosts.

Iceemark epic, highly acclaimed fantasy that has just been optioned as a feature film by Fox !

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It was a nice change to read a book where the main character is chrohicles only chroniccles young female but one who is genuinely tough and who when forced to lead a nation does so from the front without having to ever become chronkcles victim or use her wily womanly charms. She is a full on proper heroic protagonist. Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser. He became emperor after his mother died in child chdonicles, and his father committed suicide.

She will forge an extraordinary alliance of noble Snow Leopards, icemrak Vampires, and ferocious Wolf-folk. I found myself cheering for Thyrrin and her warriors the Hypollitan warrior women were freaking awesomeand hating General Scipio Bellaron. It was so abrupt that for a while I thought maybe my copy was missing some pages or something, but nope. Not a good family read aloud. She will forge an extraordinary alliance of noble Snow Leopards, ancient Vampires, and ferocious Wolf-folk.


The film was set to be produced by Courtney Pledger and Sarah Radclyffebut it is unknown if or when it will be released. Not Enabled Word Wise: Later, Oskan is healed miraculously, but for Thirrin things gets harder. When he was a teenager, Stuart lost “the real Thirrin,” his red-haired sister Kathleen, to leukemia. Hill begins what is sure to be an astounding series with this exciting and creative adventure that oozes with the fantastical.

Set up a giveaway. Her father eventually discovers her betrayal and banishes her to The Circle Of Dark.

I ended up buying the book and my copy has several creases in the spine. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I wonder if anyone at any point doubted that Thirrin would persuade the potential allies to joining her, let alone if anyone anticipated the outcome of any of the battles. Icemaek loved the werewolves and the snow leopards, both groups having a ton of personality.

Wolf-Folk fought against the vampire king and queen. No one stands up to her and she came off as more of a huge bully than a young leader of a nation. In this book a 13 year old girl named Thirrin has is preparing to become queen of the Icemark and now she has. He managed to wipe out the Polypontian’s first invading army, but paid the ultimate price: Chroniclew influences of Tolkien are likewise evident, particularly in the emphasis on the strategic maneuverings of underdogs, as well as the epic grandeur not to mention grisliness of battle, over character development.

Hill took these elements very seriously and worked hard to get this part right and make it feel realistic. A true leader chdonicles wise beyond her years. Fantasy fans, military history aficionados. Medea Lindenshield is the youngest daughter of Thirrin and Oskan. She’s not devoid of emotion; she’s full of emotion and passion, but is almost never ruled by them. And I appreciated that, and I am sure that his younger readers probably do as well. Also, I give it a 10 out of 10 because the characters in chornicles book just flow right into the plot with the treat of war coming the new young queen Thirrin seeks out to find allies that with help them in the upcoming war between her and the General of the Polypontian Empire Scipio Bellorum.


Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. White Annis is a white witch who lives in a cave in The Great Forest. It really got me revved up. It was a little predictable at times and the main characters had somewhat shallow development but it was written for a younger age group than what I usually read and I think that’s the reason for that.

True the witch wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows either but really I was expecting Thirrin to get slapped for her behavior instead she gets bowed to and proclaimed a strong leader after a drawn out rather immature shouting match of thrown icemzrk. This book has the coming of age quality that one would look for in a young adult novel, Thirrin tends to be very unsure of herself at times stating that she hopes people don’t notice that she’s making this up as she goes.

Characters in the Icemark Chronicles – Wikipedia

It’s a few years later and I’m still reading it over again. Although the Vampire Queen knows she cannot win, she harries their efforts. This is probably one of my favorite books. The Cry of Icemark, truly beautiful! Excellent made and perfectly-written! Knowing she cannot defeat the invading army she reaches out t Cry of the Icemark is the story of young Thirrin, a warrior princess to the land of Icemark. The Icemark Chronicles by Stuart Hill.

He gathers more allies such as the Lusu People and a battalion of zombies, Rock Trolls, and ghosts, proving he has inherited the ability to unite people from his mother.