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ISO is supplementary to local or national standards and regulations and is additional to the requirements of ISO ISO needs not. Find the most up-to-date version of ISO at Engineering ISO specifies the requirements for ship, terminal and port service providers to ensure the safe transit of an LNG carrier through the.

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284660 Control Module contains all relevant functions and intelligence to facilitate multiple safety links. Connecting both Control Modules through a loopback provides pre-berth full functional indoor end-to-end testing on ship and shore installations. This provides customers with advanced testing capabilities prior to LNG carrier berthing, far in advance of the industry base line testing.

The Pneumatic Safety Link comprises of a pneumatic module together with a pneumatic umbilical and reel. This safe optical communication is a primary method for bidirectional exchange of Emergency Shutdown Signals ESD and voice communication. The Hotphone is a heavy-duty wall or desktop-mounted phone system.

The dial-less Hotphone is used with LNG ship-to-shore links and is fully compatible with the now obsolete Iwatsu TS3 unit used on Furukawa ship-to-shore communications systems. It is dual mode for both private line mode and hotline Iwatsu mode. Mampaey Offshore Industries have developed a common design storage reel that can be used in several link solutions including Electrical, Fibre-Optic and Pneumatic. You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in settings.


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It features unique and advanced functionalities, and Mampaey Offshore Industries complies with global communication standards in the LNG market. Read more about The intelligent Multi Safety Link in our brochure. Multiple redundancy and back-up design, minimizing potential downtime. Functional active end-to-end operational testing and system testing.

Content searchable format for precise fact finding and troubleshooting. Allows operator to use web translation services if required. Control Module manages the recording off all voice communications. Electrical Safety Link with safety barriers.

Reels 284600 Connector Boxes.

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