Jeff Willet’s Lost Logs – This is a collection of Willet’s 18 week diet, supplement and cardio logs for his preparation for the Team Universe and. from Jeff Willet’s daily training journal and Skip La Cour’s website. . trying to increase lean muscle mass and/or lose body fat, and I plan to pay a access where I am working so I will still be able to log on and participate. And I doubt seriously Jeff Willet or Skip Lacour used Max Ot “exclusively” .. If you read any of Jeff Willet’s training logs now, he does over head.

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I know that when you begin you gain muscle very fast and the gains will slow down with time but it’s a solid programm.

Lost Logs: The Ultimate Guide for Getting Totally Shredded

I went to my first bodybuilding show with my dad to watch a couple of friends and I was completely hooked. Kobe May 22, Valued Priced at only: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Would it be okay to omit the pre workout drink or is that a bad decision?

I didn’t try dc but i can say that i gained a lot of mass with max-ot. I achieved all this oost the use of steroids.

In the chaos of moving and starting a new business, I lost a few items.

Jeff Willet’s Lost Logs Review

You must log in or sign up to post here. No need to question any more as these logs illustrate exactly what I did with my plan right up to the very moment I stepped onstage.

Eating the same foods everyday wjllet makes it easier to organize your diet. Originally Posted by brudman. However there are ways to tweak MAXOT training and diet protocols to put you into more of a fat loss state than a sheer “mass program.


I’m a big believer in periodization for someone with goals like mine.

Can send either if ya like. I’m definitely interested in hearing how you’re doing as you get further into it.

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I’m sure it doesn’t work for every one but every person reacts different on certain training systems. I always loved reading your online training journals and now the “Lost Logs” ebook puts that information right in my hands Consistently supplying yourself with protein every 2 to 2. It’s in Word so you can modify it to your tastes.

Valued Priced at only: I Want to Look Like That Guy System This convenient 7 disc system is packed with all the information and tools you need to get in the best shape of your life! I slide the disc in and sure enough, there it was…. Want to know how to cut calories?

Mikhael Jorgensen December 17, I don’t doubt it. Nutrition Your workouts are merely the stimulus and it is what you do when you leave the gym that will directly impact the degree of your results. Originally Posted by SuicideGripMe. I have always thought about this program as post happy medium between training for bodybuilding and training for strength.

Congrats on those gains. A mistake I made early on in my own prep The approach outlined in this logbook is definitely used by someone who has walked the contest prep journey before and is confident that their body will respond to the slight adjustments made.

I often get asked how to adjust nutrition in the final days before a contest and what to do on the actual day of the show. I think they are equally effective at overloading the shoulders.

Jeff has been involved in bodybuilding and logz since I attached the workout sheet. Do you already have an account?

I bought your Nutrition Seminar And i have some questions to some stuff you said in the seminar Like you said to eat crunchy vegetables like broccoli in the time between you woke up and some time before training, but how do it stay in a caloric surplus to get over the calories when i should eat vegetables most of jefff time instead of the carbs?


Mail will not be published required. In that time he has won numerous state and national titles most notably the overall Team Universe Championship which earned him the elite status… Learn More….

This is Jeff Willet’s training journal for a long time leading up to a contest, where he’s cutting. I’ve been training with max-ot since i began and put on almost 50 lbs in 14 months. Avatars by Sterling Adventures. Why do you think they didn’t use max-ot? I’ve been trying to remember them each workout and I missed the kickback mon.

The information that I share in this e-book when used can be very powerful. This special edition contains an additional hour of extended and never seen before footage that takes you even deeper into… Learn More…. Jeff sets it all out here, day by day, and again in great detail. Unified login and profile.

Lost Logs: The Ultimate Guide for Getting Totally Shredded | Jeff Willet

Not many dots to connect on your own so would willlet perfect for people that are inexperienced or don’t want to think about training too hard. My muscle building techniques have expanded beyond bodybuilding and into the sports world as I have become a consultant to the NFL advising on weight training, nutrition and supplementation.

He’s an example he posted on his blog: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here