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Find the most up-to-date version of JIS H at Engineering SYX has 17 years experience in aluminum die casting with. TT die casting machine,and center furnace. 50sets CNC,CMM,powder coating line. Aluminum Alloy Specifications. Com- mercial. UNS. ANSI. AA. ASTM. B Former. SAE. J Federal. QQ-A b. DIN g. JIS H A

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And die casting are classified into pressure die casting and gravity die casting. Pressure die casting is suitable for thin-walled and mass production, Gravity die casting is suitable for wall thickness shape.

JIS-H | Aluminium alloy die castings | Document Center, Inc.

Especially, there are several ways with superior features in pressure die casting. We can propose the best way to your problems and issues by our rich knowledge and latest equipments. Aluminum die casting product is produced by filling a molten aluminum into a metal mold cavity under the high pressure.

Because die casting use a metal mold, it is g for the mass production which can make the excellent casting in dimensional his and surface in a short period of time.

This method enable us to produce products efficiently in complex shapes, lignht weight or high strength. The gas in the cavity replaced by O u can make the no blowholes material by chemical reaction with aluminum. Because this method controls the gas content of the aluminum compared to general die casting, its product can be T6 heat treatment.

Stable internal quality and heat treatment by pore free die casting. Complex gear shape High silicon die casting. Feather shape of thin-walled slope.

JIS-ADC12 | Ju Feng Special Steel Co., Ltd.

Heat 5032 fin shape. High strength and quality die-cast products by special mold structure and T5 treatment. Die-cast products by weldable PF method. Die-cast products with improved mechanical properties by heat-treatable PF method. Gravity die casting product is produced by filling molten aluminum into the metal mold cavity by gravity.


By gravity filling, it is less air entrainment pore compared with the die-casting.

The disintegratable core is set in the cavity, before the aluminum injection by the gravity. After the aluminum solidification, it is possible to make the hollow product by removing of the core. Complex hollow structure Oil pump cover with a built-in a samll hydraulic circuit. Cut model of multiple hollow product.

Realizing both lightweight and high strength. Integrated production – casting, machining, press fitting. Thin walled head pipe for big motorcycle. Cylinder head Sand mold casting. The jjs frame of the refrigerating machine Sand mold casting. Turbo turbine Plaster casting. With 3D CAD data or solid data, it is possible for us to manufacture 3D models of plaster model printings or casting production by printed aluminum plaster castings in a short period of time.

The plaster stack mold Bracket. Memorial relief Plaster casting. Unit mm Basic dimension Tolerance Above Incl. Our related company also produce aluminum castings by the equivalent casting method and quality assurance method.

Brake Master Cylinder made by high quality molten metal. Thin wall airtight products using the disintegratable core.

High air-tight die-casting products by PF method. Name Die locking Force Die casting Machine. Name Size Tilting casting machine x mm Tilting casting machine x mm Tilting casting machine small x mm Horizontal opening casting machine x mm. We also make every effort to provide the best quality aluminum products by other ways of inspections than this page.


Aluminum Casting Products

We conduct the material component check, which is essential to procedure the high quality aluminum products, when we melt aluminum. The quality of the gravity casting product has close relationship with the disintegratable core. The baked color of the disintegratable core indicates whether it was baked at the required temperature condition. The jls check and management of the products, the shape variation of mold, and the core are important for the stable casting production.

It is necessary to accuracy grasp the current situation by checking them on the production sites. We check and manage them timely by portable non-contact 3D measurement machine. We check the dimensions of mold and product using coordinate measuring machine. We measure internal defects of the product by high resolution Micro CT scanner. Micro CT scanning can inspect the internal of product without giving them any damages. Sharing days production data, which is including casting process, we aim to establish advanced casting quality assurance.

We ensure stable quality by automating the finishing process of mass production parts. And we are cutting the introduction cost of automated equipment by in-house design and production.

JIS H5302-2006 – Aluminium Alloy Die Castings

We design the best casting plan by simulating the mold filling in advance of actual production. We examine the effective and low-cost mold design using 3-dimensions data and mold filling simulation before the actual mold production. Abrasion resistance, good machinability, obtain more than HRB70 by T5 heat treatment.