Precision Nutrition’s “Must Read” articles & posts. By John Berardi, Ph.D. Dr Berardi Live. Dr Berardi On TV – Our Clients Featured · Dr Berardi On TV. Why Precision Nutrition has given away more than $1 million dollars in prize money. And why we’ll give away millions more. Every year, through our Precision . The principles behind Precision Nutrition are the same type of advice Dr. John Berardi has been sharing with Olympians and professional athletes. What’s.

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In CoachingNutritionVideos. John Berardi runs PrecisionNutrition. In this series filmed during a special presentation at CrossFit MarinaDr. Berardi explains his coaching style and advises how to reach your clients and help them change their nutrition. In Part 1, Dr. Instead of advocating any one diet, Nutritiom. Berardi says he works with clients from any nutritional background and coaches them on tenets all successful diets share. In Part 2, Dr. Berardi continues discussing food amount and introduces the three habits he starts all clients with: To create an individualized nutrition plan, his method is to categorize people by body type and adjust the food types in their diet according to what works best for their hormonal profile.

For food timing, he takes advantage of post-workout nutrition and schedules the largest meal of the day after a workout.

Preparing People for Change by Dr. Stephen Rollnick Crucial Conversations: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini The Power of Less: John Berardi by Paul Southern, published June 27, This article is only available to subscribers.

Please login or subscribe to download. There are comments on this article. Login to add your own. Jennifer Reed of Atlas CrossFit in Chicago provides her athletes with a motivational program to help them make improvement. That’s the first time anyone’s criticized my soul patch and my sleeves. Usually folks go after me for my nutrition advice.

But, either way, I hope you enjoyed the videos and maybe learned something along the way. I’ll have a few new articles appearing in the CFJ in the coming months. Hey John, FYI not all doctors “tell” their patients what to do and expect them to be ok with it Liked the videos and read Nutrient Timing few years back and loved it.

I have an ex-phys background so def loved the physiology and the evidence based approach. If you have time shoot me an email, thanks marklejason gmail. This is a great set of videos, I particuly like the body type points Dr. I’ve known of his work for some time so it was great to see him talk about his methods even before i started crossfit. I hope there are more videos to come. This is a great set of videos, I particularly like the body type points Dr.

I’ve known of his work for some time even before i started crossfit so it was great to see him talk about his methods. I enjoyed the video and like your approach for weight loss, but I would like to see something geared more for performance nutrition. Like, how does timing and amount tie into adding more weight to a squat or make you faster.


I purchased Complete Nutrition a while back and this really helps refresh things and put everything in a simpler framework Definitely have to pass these videos along to all my current members Based on comments, I take it no one is having errors trying to download the videos.

Is This the Best Diet Ever? (Probably Not)

Would like to see a lot more videos from Dr. I will echo the sentiment that it would be great to hear more about CrossFit specific nutrition. Perhaps he could try CrossFit for some set amount of time and then come up with some feedback? Either way thanks for the informative and educational video from someone who clearly knows their stuff about nytrition I learned all my nutritional knowledge from his course with ISSA.

John Berardi, Ph.D. | HuffPost

He is a primary author in the specialist in nutrition course with ISSA; the course goes in depth with all of his training methods and reasoning behind it. Highly recommend serious crossfitters to check the course out. Great to see your contributions to the CFJ JB, it will be great to have some evidence based “flexibility” built into CrossFit’s very biased nutrition model to this point. And Mark my guess is that JB will be talking far more about “individual specific nutrition” rather than “CrossFit specific nutrition”.

I look forward to finding out. John, I would love to hear your thoughts on both weight loss and performance nutrition for Crossfitters specifically. Would you be willing to try Crossfit for 3 months to identify personally with our lifestyle?? Quick comment — two folks asked if I’d be interested in trying CrossFit to identify with the training and lifestyle. I should mention there’s a CF affiliate in my hometown and that I’ve trained there several times.

In addition, I’ve done many WODs. So my training is very “sport-specific” if you want to call it that. You’ll also be happy to know I’m attending a Level 1 Certification session next month in Toronto to get a better feel for the training CF coaches go through.

So, at this point, Joh definitely identify with CF training methods. As far as upcoming projects, drop our team a line at info precisionutrition. When you’re ready to kick-start your research ideas, we’ll have a chat. Also, to everyone asking about more “performance nutrition,” especially as it applies to CF, that’s something I can definitely work on. In the coming weeks we’re hoping to run an article about intermittent fasting and one on calorie cycling. Maybe the next one after that will be a performance nutrition piece.

I love the moderate “no one thing works for everyone” mentality. It’s like a beradi of fresh precisjon. BTW, if you had the chance to do it all over again, is there anything you would have done differently regarding your academic background?

Just looking for some advice for those of us who have a similar passion for a deeper understanding of how things work: And I love where I am and what I do. Verardi knows what might have happened if I did even just one thing differently? I have had some pretty serious allergic reactions to some protein drinks that contain whey and casein protein.


When I started “eating for my type” it helped me identify some foods that I was allergic to while other foods it says to stay away from seen to have no affect. Nutritin am about 4 chapters in to the PN certification. I should be a bit farther but the scientific nature of the beginning of this course is causing me to take time to review and digest the material a bit more.

I highly recommend it to all CF trainers as it will absolutely make you better at your craft. I don’t remember any of my collegiate health and nutrition courses being anywhere near this comprehensive. Not that the various CF certifications are nutritoon quality but the PN certification is actually less expensive and infinitely more comprehensive than a 2 day seminar.

I already am adapting my nutrition coaching based on what I have learned. It should be high on your list the next time you have some extra money burning a hole in your pocket. I have a question for you I have managed 9 months of CF training scaled, of course and have kept my weight gain on the low side but as I approach delievery I am ready to attack WODs once again, with a slow but increased intensity approach.

I’d really like to hear what you have to say in regards to this particular area I think if it’s working for you which would mean you’re getting healthier, more fit, and performing betterthen I like it.

Chris, thanks for the feedback. I appreciate you taking the time to share your opinion about the Precision Nutrition Certification program. For those interested in learning more about it, here’s a link: Here’s an article with my wife’s story: I also wrote articles on pregnancy nutrition and exercise here. Here’s her story, with some interesting tips: They are spot-on and make total sense.

precisikn I’ve been having to find these things out through trial and error, and it’s so cool to hear it from a PHD. You were talking about making your biggest meal after the workout and then making them smaller and smaller until your next workout. Ask and you shall receive! It looks like I’m on the right course, I’ve gained 27 lbs and Precison 4 weeks shy of my due date.

It seems that with my diet following the Paleo dietrefusing glucose tests, working out with olympic lifts and circuit training CF stylehas all baffled a majority of the medical community I’ve had to deal with during my pregnancy. It’s almost as if they don’t know how to help me.

I find it rather amusing! I hope that I too can be at or near my pre pregnancy weight very soon after birth as your wife did. Thank you very much.

You have a beautiful wife and little girl! precjsion

Berardi, Glad to see you on the CFJ.