He is the author of the Carb-Nite Solution, and is releasing a new book that is designed for rapid fat loss and muscle gain. John is coming on Bulletproof. The Carb Nite Solution has ratings and 13 reviews. on concrete, verifiable research, John Kiefer has spent over a decade trying to discover a way to shed. Using Carb Nite she could easily schedule her nights of carbs around family events and enjoy the The Carb Nite Solution by John Kiefer.

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After my first ten-day cycle of the diet, I lost a significant amount of weight.

Why is this happening? We also have to keep in mind that this is a totally individual thing, and there can be any number of causative factors. If this starts happening to you, you need to focus on keeping your carb nites limited, and they have to be a lot cleaner. They have a really high amount of fat—particularly trans fats—to go along with a lot of sugar. This is not a good combination for women, nor is having a whole pizza every carb nite.


For example, if people like it, I recommend a low-fat scone and a fat-free latte. The idea here is to stay higher protein on your carb nites while restricting fat—especially junk fat.

When carb nites go wrong, it can literally be due to a volume problem. My theory is that this happens to women who start their carb nites with milk, cheese, or some other kind of dairy product—or they have dairy early on. During the week—and all the time, actually—they were fine as long as they just smoked and went to bed. These chemicals stimulate the same receptors in the brain that pot does. I intend to explore this further in a future article. What else could be causing this?

This is a big problem I always run into when I work with someone on contest prep for the first time.

Products by John Kiefer

Usually, their first meal consists of eggs cooked with Pam spray—which is kind of fatty, but not fatty enough. You have to get ample fats, even if this means having a cup of coffee with two tablespoons of coconut oil with every meal.

Your period makes it much harder to get that water weight off, and you end up looking and feeling bloated. Your body is gearing up to have a second life in it.


The Carb Nite Solution

Caroline is having that problem right now. Her period is scheduled to hit right around the day of her show. This combination usually gets most of the water weight off in emergency situations. Physicist turned nutrition and performance scientist.

What moment in life makes a person change from unhealthy habits to healthy? In this episode of the Gym Laird show, Jim is Drop the Pre-Workout Carbs: What diet changes need to be made to make you What if my period is causing this?

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