The Carb Nite Solution: The Physicist’s Guide to Power Dieting [John Kiefer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Trained as a physicist to rely . This week we have John Kiefer returning to the show. He’s the man behind two upcoming books– Carb Backloading and . Insulin control and ketosis is a solution—but it doesn’t jive that high insulin alone is causing obesity. The following is a summarization of a book titled “The Carb Nite Solution®,” by John Kiefer. I recently purchased John Kiefer’s book, The Carb.

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No matter your reason—increased levels of health, longevity, reducing cancer solutioj or just looking great in a bathing kiefdr goal should be the same…. Weight loss can come from the loss of body fat, water loss, using up the body’s carbohydrate stores or — the most hazardous of all — muscle loss. The amount of muscle mass you keep is the largest determinant of resting metabolism and one of the biggest factors affecting dieting success.

Trust me… my journey started when I was 13… more on that in a minute. I had tried many times before to get lean jobn, in spite of intense diet and exercise… I never achieved those washboard abs.

At the time, the only diet I knew that had any hope of getting me to those ultra low levels of body fat was ultra-low carb, high-fat and high-protein. Most bodybuilders at the time were doing the typical low-fat diet, but from my exhaustive study, I found that high levels of dietary fat are essential for preserving as much muscle as possible while losing the greatest amount of body fat.

I ate nothing koefer eggs, ground beef, chicken, cheese and oils and the fat was starting to melt off…slowly. But then it happened…. Sticking to my diet became more and more difficult after the first week.

But I hung in there a total of five weeks. I was tired, lethargic and hated life. Then, late one night, I niye a run in with a couple of dozen donuts. The smell of those warm, fresh donuts overwhelmed my willpower and I slipped into a mindless feeding frenzy.


Overview of “The Carb Nite Solution” | Adrian Herzberger

Within minutes, two boxes of donuts disappeared. After emerging from the zombie-like state, I curled into the fetal position, moaning with a stomach ache that lasted the rest of the evening.

I woke up the next morning and recommitted to my ultra low-carb diet. But then it happened. As I walked by the bathroom mirror I got a glimpse of the damage. At first I could see there was definitely a little bloating, but otherwise the damage was minor.

So I returned to my routine of meats, cheeses and oils. The next day, all signs of the donut disaster disappeared. In fact, my sllution started when I was I began to read everything I could on the body, weight lifting, and dieting to try to fix soolution I thought was my screwed up genetics. Even after religiously following a low-fat, low-calorie diet, weightlifting 5 to 6 times per week and bicycling miles a week, I still failed to reach my goals.

In my professional career as a Physicist I developed a very particular set of skills. The ability to manage and unify large amounts of information and most importantly I am able to gather, decipher and form a theory to describe a mind-boggling number of facts.

After spending a decade experimenting and digging through research at medical libraries I finally refined my diet—not a perfect diet based on hunches, but anyone’s perfect diet based on real science.

As you continue to diet, your hormones reverse in solutuon wrong direction. The hormones that control stress and hunger shoot through the roof. kuefer

This solutino makes it impossible for you to lose any more body fat… and most likely you will become fatter. And the most exciting benefit: Forget about the uncontrollable weight gain caused by the aftermath of other diets—now you finally have your solution…. Luckily just before she was about to give up, a friend recommends she give the Carb Nite Solution a try. Within jhon months her body transformed. She had lost those stubborn 20lbs and even ended up entering the Contra Costa Bikini Contest.


Her smile says it all. The results catb all theory. Just a few are pictured above. Many authors ignore or refute overwhelming scientific evidence and focus on small snippets of the information available.

Backed by Real Science. So whether you have only 10 to 20 pounds to lose You must be willing to take some action. Once my customer support team has reached its limit, please understand that I may have catb make some price adjustments.

The Carb Nite Solution

You can either decide today is the day you start to make a change… or you can close this webpage right now and settle for the body you already have. ANY computer can use it! I failed time and time again. So I began my journey to getting ripped… I would jite to tell you it was easy. But then it happened… I discovered the secret power in donuts….

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Never before would I have believed I could eat donuts and cheesecake to lose the unwanted pounds. Turns out, this is a delightful, accessible guide. Enjoy the festivities without worrying about the weight gain.

Now, I can enjoy the festivities without worrying about the weight gain. So, you have two choices right now You can continue to accumulate MORE fat… and look in the mirror tomorrow and see more of the same… but fatter.

Or you can start to do something about it right now… and finally be on the path to the body of your dreams. The choice is yours.

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