JR X charger Batteries and Chargers. The manual does not give much detail on charging. I fly slope, so I won’t even use the supplied. View and Download JR XP instruction manual online. 6-CHANNEL COMPUTER RADIO SYSTEM FOR AIRPLANE AND HELICOPTER. XP Remote. x manual jr roland a90 user manual sailor scout guide download. I currently have two JR transmitters for my aero hobby.

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Remember Me Forgot Password? Apr 22, Well after following all the various discussion threads on RunRyder and RC Hobbies started by Hilgert, see this thread https: The first problem was that the radio Hilgert choose to convert is the JR Propo modela quick look around on the net and phone calls to hobby shops revealed that this particular radio is not sold here in Australia, probably because its on 72MHz in the USA and 36MHz is used here in Australia though once converted with the Spektrum RF module to 2.

First thought was to simple buy a JR on the Net or ebay from the US but after some research it appeared that the JR X being sold here in Australia is almost exactly the same radio as the but operating on 36MHz and sold in Mode 1 configuration instead of Mode 2, additional research on the Net isn’t Google great suggested mays to access the normally secret service mode and change the config to Mode 2, then I would only have to deal with the stick cams and springs.

So, I finally ordered a bare X TX no servos, rx etc this week and it arrived on friday afternoon. Initial inspection showed that it looked exactly the same physically as the pictures of the the JR posted on the web and once opened up this was to be the case with the exception of the obvious 36MHz RF board and what appear to be some minor software improvements which where detailed on a loose leaf addendum sheet included with the user manual.

This single page addendum sheet is notes a new “Mode Selection Function” not shown inthe users manual, basically they have now added two new items to the the Mode Functions, first is software selection of Modes 1 through 4 and the selection of Normal or Reverse Throttle operation, these can be changed on a model by model basis, this radio supports memory for 10 models.

JR X charger – RC Groups

So, if with the back cover on both radios and internal inspection would seem to suggest, as others have found that the task is simply one of swapping over the RF PCB and Antenna from the Spektrum radio into the JR.

Centre white x22610 is PPM data steam. End White wire is ground. These wire are terminated into a crimped header that is soldered to the respective PCB’s.

Modeller Support

Hllgert and others choose to cut these three wires and then re-join and heat-shrink them after changing the board over. As both radios use the same size 0.

For me as a electronics technician this was easier and neater than the cut and rejoin route but both methods work fine though mine has the advantage that if the mod did not work I could refit the original JR board back and it would look original.


Next the antenna j to be swapped over, this again is very simple but does require the addition of a circular spacer or collar around the underside of the base of Spektrum antenna between the JR case and the metal washer, as suggested by others, a half inch mahual ‘O’ ring is ideal here but I didn’t have one handy at home so used used a short length of silicon covered motor wire and curled it around like a ‘O’ ring for now.

When I return to work next week I will get a suitable size proper ‘O’ ring and redo this, its only a few minutes work to open it up again.

So, time to compete the Spektrum mods is about 20 minutes if you have never done one before, not to bad. While I had the radio open, I also needed to perform jf other changes to it operation.

JR XP6102 Instruction Manual

Swap over the cam and tension spring from one to control stick gimble to the other because as the holder of a real pilots licence I just could not bring myself to use or understand the weird concept of Mode 1 operation. For me it has to be Mode 2 or nothing, mode 1 is just asking for a crash. I find this far to course a system for helicopter use as even tiny changes in maual and collective often have major changes in hover power.

JR provides an alternative metal spring friction plate for users who don’t want or like the clicker feel however even with this alternative plate fitted you can still feel just feel the serration’s of the plastic cam it rubs on which I didn’t like so I used the same method to remove these serration’s as I did with the DX6 radio back in January when I bought it. Using a small fine flat file I would hold the file against the serrated face of the came and work the stick up and down many time until finally all the serration’s have been filled off, then using a Dremal tool fitted with a buffing wheel I give the plastic cam a final buff to mirror smooth, add a little silicon grease and fit the alternative spring, job done and the throttle has a nice smooth action.

The final task is to use the Dremel tool and a high speed cutting x26110 to modify the JR rear casing. This is to remove the oblong shaped tunnel through with the original “Channel” selection crystal would be fitted. This has to be removed to my space for the slightly larger body of the Spektrum “Bind” and “Range Check” push button switch.

Unlike Hilbert, I only had to remove this internal protrusion, I found the button of the Bind switch fitted through the oblong hole OK and did not have to enlarge it as others reported.

Next, the smoke test, screw the case back together, transfer the mah NMH battery pack I bought for the Spekrum DX6 into the JR battery compartment, again the battery plugs are common.

Both the Spektrum DX6 and the JR X are supplied stock with mah nicad packs that really don’t seem to last long enough to me, especially when your a beginner and are playing with the programming features a lot.


Power the JR radio up, no smoke, so thats always a good sign, you have no idea how hard it is to get the smoke back in once it leaks out of equipment. Grab the Trex heli, disconnect 2 of the 3 wires between the speed controller and the drive motor to make it safe for testing, this is very important as large out of control spinning blades are both dangerous and destructive, believe me.

Insert brief moment of panic at this point in time! So that’s it guys, spend another hour or so learning how to program radio to manuql my personal requirements, setup of deg, 3 servo CCPM manuap plate was most difficult part and then I spend most of yesterday out flying the ‘Rex.

When researching RC heli’s and this was something that so many people seem to be experiencing and with heli’s being the unstable beast they are it was an even bigger problem than with many other model types.

Then I read about this new 2. Another really big thing that should never be discounted is that constant need to be very channel Xtal aware, many a model has crashed because of having 2 TX switch on at the same time on the same channel, I know I have lost car races because of it.

Index of /manuals/Radios/JR

Never worrying about channel assignments is a big relief and something it would be hard to go back to again I think, I switch it on an fly, that simple. I fly with 2 other guys, 2 of which are mahual using Spektrum radios, so we just fly, the other guy needs care checks and a box of Xtals. The conversion to the slightly more feature rich JR is nice and while maybe mxnual totally cost effective it works for me.

Nigel in Sydney with special thanks to Hilgert, your the best! One problem with both the original Spektrum DX6 and the modified JR is that without the long telescopic antenna the radios have a severe aft C of G problem if you use a neck strap as I do. Images View all Images in thread. Jun 05, Wow, great work Nigel. A couple of related questions: I am working myself up to buying a TREX HDE and I love everything I’ve read about the benefits of the DX6, but wondering if I will have to ditch the servos for this application or instead could save up towards a for conversion.

Glad to see that the “Hilgertisation” of the DX6 is spreading!! For some strange reason the numbering scheme is still unknown to many people, however The software is usually the same.

I havent been able to get “my” back yet to do an indepth comparison. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Sign up now to remove ads between posts. Images View all Images in thread Views: JR Spektrum and DX6 transmitters. Sep 28, Spektrum DX6 or JR ? Jul 17, rj Jul 01, May 21, JR or Spektrum DX6. Jan 26,