of 18 results for Books: “Juan Armando Epple” Workbook to accompany El espejo enterrado. Nov 1, by David Curland and Juan Armando Epple. Juan Armando Epple Garage Sale People I’m going for a spin, he said, and before I could ask him where he was heading, he had the car in reverse and was . Cuentos hispanos de los Estados Unidos by Juli├ín Olivares(Book) 1 edition published in in Spanish and held by WorldCat member libraries.

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Yet,we need to look at the Asian culture were the elders are seen and respected as an authority based on experience and wisdom.

I just found this story because my mother telling me about it. This story was actually written by my grandfather and my mom told me to read after I found some short stories my grandpa wrote in the past.

My mother also told me that the family in this story in completely based off their experiences coming to live here in the United States.


Tuesday, November 2, Selling Grandma??? I’m reading these Spanish stories to help me maintain and improve my abilities in Spanish.

I just finished a story about this Chilean family who lived in Oregon. The husband began to enjoy a new hobby here in the United States with our many summer garage sales. His wife sometimes was driven crazy with different odds and ends he would eplpe home. Through this story, He takes you into many aspects of cultural differences between Chile and the United States. She has heard many stories of the beautiful land, the grapes that are as big as our figs, the watermelons that are sweeter, redder and juicier, and large beautiful mountains.

Epple, Juan Armando [WorldCat Identities]

She also heard that her grandmother made Chilean desserts the absolute best. She wanted to return, but the family had an “L” on their passports significant of people who were refused armado into Chile because of political exile.

He offers her the solution that maybe they can bring her grandma to the US. In this hilarious story, the man ends up purchasing a grandmother at eppls garage sale when the idea comes upon him after seeing an eccentric grandmother sitting in an antique rocking chair. The family holding the garage sale actually offered to sell her to him seeing it as a positive alternative to finding her a nursing home, yet having very little to offer her in their tiny apartment.


This is a shocking presupposition about the way we care for the elderly in the US.

Although fictional, the irony of this purchase armaneo a deep gap between family bound systems typically found in other cultures in contrast to the independence found here in the US. Posted by Joanna Finkenbinder at 1: Newer Post Older Post Home.