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At the begining 1was alone and it seemed like a dream; now 1 feel proud of seeing such a distinguished community and strong organization. Our aim in organlzing this Congress is to bring together the colleagues of this area and to learn and discuss the problems and opinions on this subject. In the beginning we are encouraged and happy.

If you find it appropriate, we can found “Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Orthqpaedic Surgery and Traumatology Association” and thus be more helpful.

We can introduce and deal with the problems of this wide and beautiful area by cooperation and friendship. Turkey has been a linkage of civilizations, histories and ages between two continents.

Today, it is a place which holds in itself the authorities of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and other countries. Since there is no boundries for science and technology today, you, who are the outhorities of your own countries, are now with us and from us. According to Turkish customs, the guests are also the members of the household, so please accept our apologies for any fault or confusion Century is a period of rapid technical developments.

On the way to the Age of Space, everything is mechanized; and as a result of this, traffic and job accidents are more common. Developing scicnce and technology stimulate people’s senses of success and wining, and this cause an increase of death and disabling due to accidents and wars.

As can be seen, developing technology effects human behavior and this same human being is most often killed or disabled as a resurt of this effect.

For this reason, our time is not rehabilitasonu an Age of Technology, but at arteoplasti same time an Age of Struggle for Life. This can be felt in the manufacture of motor vehicles, in traffic rules, in the house and factory and even in school and social services.

There has been a considerable effort to cure the wounded completely or with the least of harm as well as an effort to decrease the number of accidents. For this reason, in our century and especially after the ll.

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World War, orthopaedics, which deals with the skeletal system, has begun to dea! Thus, orthopaedics have changed its name to orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology in the last 30 years. We can see that, orthopaedics, which dealt with body deformities, bone tuberculosis and paralysis mostly, now turned most of its attention to traumatology. In Turkey, in the last years, bone rehavilitasyonu, especially Mal de Pott, has decreased and poliomyelitis which was a threaten decades ago, now artrlplasti the first row of importance to traffic and job accidents.


Mouchet are a highly esteemed history for us. In the meantime, upon our founding of the first official traumatology department, the Ministry of Health changed the name of the specialty to orthopaedic surgery and Traumatology.

The Ministry of Health, which has the most number of hospitals and health institutions in the country and which should practice equality in all health services, can be regarded as being Iate in orthopaedic surgery and traumatology services. Thus, we may be able to save so n.

We have organized four panel discussions whose members are the most distingui’shed authorties on this subject. We regret that we could not include so many precious free-papers on the programme, due to the shortage of time; we were able to include only 62 of them.

Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology have uml:: In the modern sense, the first department of orthopaedics was founded in Dr.

In our General Surgery Departments, emergency treatments to all kinds of orthopaedic surgery and traumatology cases are applied. Since a considerable decrease is seen in bone tuberculosis cases, four bone tuberculosis hospitals are used for orthopaedic and traumatologic purposes.

According to the plan, we will increase the number and capacities of the orthopaedic surgery and traumatology departments. Growing relation between orthopaedics and traumatology is being noted; because, soft tissue and joint injuries are very comman as a result of mechanisation and devastating wars.

The two important characteristics of traumatology are as follows: Thus, the orthopaedist should be trained to be quick 5. For these reasons, orthopaedic training and specialising have undergone various changes during the last 20 years. Traffic accidents are on the first now of importance all over the world.

Deaths and defects caused by trauma are most common and, thus, impc rtant. The training of children, youngsters and other people of first-aid and protection from the accidents is of great importance.

The participating countries of the 1. Besides, general trauma, poliomyelitis, hip dislocation and problems of dislocation and fractures will be presented in 62 free-papers. Por many years, 1 have been thinking of organizing an international congress in our country even though 1 knew how hard it was. With this purpose, 1 planned “1. As the years have passed Orthopaedic and Pediatric Surgery, became different branches.

Afterwards, the Universities of Ankara, Ege and Hacettepe and other organizations began to consider Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology together. In this Congress, subjects relating to Orthopaedics, Traumatology and Rehabilitation are being introduced by authorities. Because of a considerable interest in our Congress, we were unable to put 62 freepapers on the programme. The care that has been taken in the preparation of this Congress, in the organization of social events and in the program for the most pleasant stay of the accompanying ladies that will be visiting us, will help you get acquainted with our country; old i’n its history and hospitality but new in its development.


Binnaz Ege’s house Pier Giorgia Marchetti ltalyProf. Ziya Sezgin Turkey Seeretaires: Nurhan Avman Turkey Dr. Cari Hirsch Sweeden Pier Giorgio Marchetti ltaly Dr. Hans Mau Germany Galal Zaki Said, Dr.

Psychology schacter gilbert wegner ebook

Metin Soyak Turquie Milutin D’j,aja Yugoslavia Halit Ziya Konuralp Turkey Tomatsu Shinozakr USA 8: Fritz Wechselberger Austria 9: Merle D’Aubigne France Prof.

Avni Duraman Turkey Seeretaires: Kemal Bayraktar Turkey Donal Brooks England Prof. Wail Fahmy UAR Ziya Sezgin Turkey Nabih Muammar Jordan Dr. Belkis Canfesi Turkey Seeretaires: Ertan Mergen Turkey Merle D’Aubigne France Members: Zeki Korkusuz Turkey Jean Debeyre France Dr.

Jan Cervenansky Checoslovakia Garrett Pipkin USA Arttoplasti Kerkiacharian Jordan Agop Kerkiacharian Jordan Prof. Artroplassti Ziya Konuralp Turkey Secretaries: Ziya Aksan Turkey Moderator: Donald Brooks England Dr. Necdet Tuna Turkey 8: Orhan Sengir, Nimet Kore! Tansu Yorulmaz Turkey 9: Sadun Uzel Turkey Cemalettin Topuzlu Turkey Fevza Boneval Turkey Ghanin Akrawi lraque Prof.

Garrett Pipkin USA 9: Wai’l Fahmy UAR 9: Jean Debeyre France The dens articulates with the arch of the atlas and the joint is reinforced by the strong transverse ligament, the apical ligament, and the two ala or check ligaments.

In the operative stabilization of an atlanto-axial dislocation there is no need to include the occiput – and there i’s no need to include C3″ Occipito-cervical fusion leads to an unnecessary degree of restriction of movement.

Jess Ni’cholson used wire and later added bone. The technique we presently employ was devised by W. The technique is extremely simple. The arehes of the atlas and axis are exposed by a posterior approach and denuded of periosteum. The ligamentum flavum is divided above and below the arch of C1 and! A black of bone is then cut from the ilim. Tightening of this wire is greatly facilitated by the use of the Harris wire tier.