Kenwood KR-VD. Works great for music. But tried using it for my Toshiba for a DVD Dolby Digtal reciever, and it was a pain in the ass. It only worked. View and Download Kenwood KR-VD instruction manual online. Audio Video Surround Receiver. KR-VD Receiver pdf manual download. Kenwood KR-VD Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Kenwood KR- VD Instruction Manual.

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E-mail webmaster to report abuse, problems, or comments. You must power cycle the unit to make the Dolby Digital “kick in “.

Used Kenwood KR-VD Surround sound receivers for Sale |

Kenwood offers free upgrades for these receivers. It is a good unit, but out of the box, Dolby Digital is broken. You may find a lot of these at tempting prices at OnSale. Fortunately, OnSale has a nice return policy.


Kenwood KR-V990D Instruction Manual

Does too many things that only the remote can access. The surround sound is subpar also. I was just a young private at the time and thought more money was better Way too much money to spend on a receiver No comments at all on “Monitor out” I have had trouble since I bought it. One time it works fine and then you change something and nothing kr-v990v. If you have no video, you have no kenwoos of setting up the system.

Kenwood KR-V990D User Manual

Universal remotes do not support many of the features on this system. Other than the remote, it was a decent system for its time.

Also the OSD is pretty sketchy and confusing on many of the settings. Still, the sound is nice.

It’s a good item for a secondary system kr-v990v older components, or perhaps to power the computer room. It has clean and clear sound.

It also has sooo many connections. Better than in Yamaha and Onkyo receivers. Maybe because the people above are discussing the Vs-model, I can’t come to another conclusion.


I find the comments quite strange, and furthermore I’d like to say that if one says ‘this receiver is a piece of shit’ and rates the receiver at ‘0’, I personally don’t take this comment seriously, because he hasn’t got the faintest argument whatsoever, and besides that, it is not possible to give even the worst receiver ever sold on the knwood a rating as low as this one. Click here to see all votes 15 total. How to use This Site.