Electromagnetic flow converter for combination with OPTIFLUX and WATERFLUX flow sensors. KROHNE 03/ – – TD IFC R05 en. The documentation is only complete when used in combination with the relevant documentation for the . 2. The high-performance solution. IFC is the only electromagnetic flow converter with 3 x diagnostics of instrument, application and .

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Subject to change without notice. It is easy to see from the ER whether troubleshooting or larger changes in the electronic equipment have taken place and how that has affected the compatibility. Changes and effect on compatibility 1 Downwards compatible changes and fault repair with no effect on operation e. In the table below, “x” is a placeholder for possible multi-digit alphanumeric combinations, depending on the available version.

For devices used in hazardous areas, additional safety if apply; please refer to the Ex documentation. If the device is not used according to the operating conditions refer to itc “Technical datathe intended protection could be affected.

Nevertheless, we provide no guarantee that the contents are correct, complete or up-to-date. The contents and works in this document are subject to copyright. Contributions from third parties are identified as such.

The manufacturer tries always to observe the copyrights of others, and to draw on works created in-house or works in the public domain. The collection of personal data such as names, street addresses or e-mail addresses in the manufacturer’s documents is always on a voluntary basis whenever possible.

Whenever feasible, it is always possible to make use of the offerings and services without providing any personal data. We draw your attention to the fact that data transmission over the Internet e.

It is not possible to protect such data completely ,rohne access by third parties. We hereby expressly prohibit the use of the contact data published as part of our duty to publish an imprint for the purpose of sending us any advertising or informational materials that we have not expressly requested. This disclaimer does not apply in case the manufacturer has acted on purpose or with gross negligence.

In kohne event any applicable law does not allow such limitations on implied warranties or the exclusion of limitation of certain damages, you may, if such law applies to you, not be subject to some or all of the above disclaimer, exclusions or limitations. Any product purchased from the manufacturer is warranted in accordance with the relevant product documentation and our Terms and Conditions of Sale. The manufacturer reserves the right to alter the content of its documents, including this disclaimer in any way, at any time, for any reason, without prior notification, and will not be liable in any way for possible consequences of such changes.

The manufacturer accepts no fic for the consequences of misuse by the operator. Improper installation and operation of the devices systems will cause the warranty to be void. The respective “Standard Terms and Conditions” which form the basis for the sales contract shall also apply.

If this document is not in your native language and if you have any problems understanding the text, we advise you to contact your local office for assistance.

  CRPC 1898 PDF

The manufacturer can not accept responsibility for any damage or injury caused by misunderstanding of the information in this document. This document is provided to help you establish operating conditions, which will permit safe and efficient use of this device.

Special considerations and precautions are also described in the document, which appear in the form of underneath icons.

This information refers to the immediate danger when working with electricity. This warning refers to the immediate danger of burns caused by heat or hot surfaces. This warning refers to the immediate danger when using this device in a hazardous atmosphere. These warnings must be observed without fail. Even partial disregard of this warning can lead to serious kfohne problems and even death. There is also the risk of seriously damaging the device or parts of the operator’s plant.

Disregarding this safety warning, even if irc in part, poses the risk of serious health krohnf. There is also the risk of damaging the device or parts of the operator’s plant.

Disregarding these instructions can result in damage to the device or to parts of the operator’s plant. These instructions contain important information for the handling of the device. This note contains information on statutory directives and standards. In general, devices from the manufacturer may only be installed, commissioned, operated and maintained by properly trained and authorized personnel.

Inspect the cartons carefully for damage or signs of rough handling. Report damage to the carrier and to the local office of the manufacturer. Check the packing list to check if you received completely all that you ordered. Look at the device nameplate to ensure that the device is delivered according to your order. Check for the correct supply voltage printed on the nameplate.

Your measuring device is supplied ready for operation. The factory settings for the operating data have been made in accordance with your order specifications. The following versions are available: There is an additional bush for the interface cable.

For detailed information refer to Connection of cables on page Each time a housing cover is opened, the thread should be cleaned and greased. Use only resinfree and acid-free grease. Ensure that the housing gasket is properly fitted, clean and undamaged. Construction of ifcc housing 1 2 3 4 5 6 krohbe 8 Cover for terminal compartments Terminal compartment for measuring sensor Terminal compartment for inputs and outputs Terminal compartment for power supply with safety cover shock-hazard protection Cable entry for signal cable Cable entry for field current cable Cable entry for inputs and outputs Cable entry for power supply 1 Turn lock to the right and open the cover.

Example of a nameplate for compact version 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 18 Approvals-related information: Ex approval, EC type test certificate, hygienic approvals, etc. Example of a nameplate for electrical connection data of inputs and outputs 1 2 3 4 5 Power supply AC: L and N; DC: Avoid continuous direct sunlight. Store the device in its original packing.

Wrap these around both process connections. The following precautions must be taken to ensure reliable installation. The flowmeters are tested for a vibration level in accordance with IEC The signal converter is mounted directly on the measuring sensor. For installation of the flowmeter, please observe the instructions in the supplied product documentation for the measuring sensor.

Assembly materials and tools are not part of the delivery.


Krohne IFC Signal Converter for Electromagnetic Flowmeters – SRP Control Systems Ltd.

Use the assembly materials and tools in kroune with the applicable occupational health and safety directives. Pipe mounting of the field housing 1 Fix the signal converter to the pipe.

Wall mounting of the field housing 1 Prepare the holes with the aid of the mounting plate. Krohnf further information refer to Mounting plate, field housing on page Using a suitable tool, pull out the two metal puller devices to the left and right of the display. Pull out the display between the two metal puller devices and rotate it to the required position.

Slide the display and then the metal puller devices back into the housing. Re-fit the cover and tighten it by hand. The ribbon cable of the display must not be folded or twisted repeatedly. Pipe mounting of the wall-mounted housing 1 Fasten the mounting plate to the pipe with standard U-bolts, washers and fastening nuts. Wall mounting of the wall-mounted housing 1 Prepare the holes with the aid of the mounting plate. For further information refer to Mounting plate, wall-mounted housing on page All work on the electrical connections may only be carried out with the power disconnected.

Krohne IFC Flow Converter Manual PDF |

Take note of the voltage data on the nameplate! Observe the national regulations for electrical installations! Observe without fail the local occupational health and safety regulations. Any work done on the electrical components of the measuring device may only be carried out by properly trained specialists.

Electrical connection is carried out in conformity with the VDE directive “Regulations for electrical power installations with line voltages up to V” or equivalent national regulations.

Krohne ifc 300 Handbook

For this reason, please ufc the devices in pairs. The signal cables A type DS with double shield and B type BTS with triple shield ensure proper transmission of measured values. Observe the following notes: It is permissible to lay the signal cable in water or in the ground. The signal cable does not contain any halogens and is unplasticized, and remains flexible at low temperatures. Observe the following notes. A non-shielded three-wire copper cable is sufficient for the field current cable.

If you nevertheless use shielded cables, the shield must NOT be connected in the housing of the signal converter. A shielded two-wire copper cable is used as the field current cable. The shielding MUST be connected in the housing of the measuring sensor and signal converter. The orohne current cable is not part of the scope of delivery.

If the signal cable was not ordered, it is icf be provided by the customer. The following requirements regarding the electrical values of the signal cable must be observed: The electrical connection of the outer shield is different for the various housing variants.

Please observe the corresponding instructions.

Construction of signal cable A 1 Stranded drain wire 1 for the inner shield 101. Trim the outer shield to dimension b and pull it over the outer sheath.