Get product support for the lg vx download vx manuals, documents, and software. view vx warranty information and schedule vx download lg chocolate vx cell phone user manual pdf mobi file of lg chocolate manual in pdfmanual for lg chocolate vx find out how to use and. Get Product Support For The Lg Vx Download Vx Manuals Documents And Software View Vx Warranty Information And Schedule Services.

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All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Read these simple guidelines.

Breaking the rules may be dangerous or illegal. Further detailed information is given in this user guide. Violation of the instructions may cause serious injury or death. Important Safety Precautions Do not expose the battery charger or adapter to direct sunlight or use it in places with high humidity, such as a bathroom. Do not use harsh chemicals such as alcohol, benzene, thinners, etc. Unplug the power cord and charger during lightning storms to avoid electric shock or fire. Only use the batteries and chargers provided by LG.

The warranty will not be applied to products provided by other suppliers. Only authorized personnel should service the phone and its accessories. Faulty installation or service may result in accidents and consequently invalidate the warranty. Table of Contents Important Safety Precautions.

Table of Contents 4. Along with the many advanced features of the CDMA system, such as greatly enhanced voice clarity, this compact phone offers Read this information before operating the phone.

Enjoy sweet music from your Chocolate! Supports up to 2GB. Touch Keypad indicates shortcut guides easier to access chocolate menus. Shortcut to Master Volume setting In standby mode closed: Lights the main LCD.

Touch Sensitive Keys 1. Make sure your hands are clean and dry. Remove moisture from the surface of your hands. Don’t use the touch keys in a humid environment. Touch Protection is automatically enabled when the slide is closed and during calls touch keys will not work even if they are pressed. Charging the Battery Warning! Use only the charger provided with the Chocolate phone.

Using any other charger could damage your phone or battery. Attach the charger to the phone. Make sure that the triangle symbol faces up when inserting the plug into the charger port. You can tell how much signal strength you have by the number of bars next to the signal strength icon: Touch twice to redial the last number dialed.


To answer a call, touch or open the slide. If the slide is closed, simply slide it up.

LG VX8500 Black Manuals

If the slide is closed, mahual the Voice Commands key twice, then touch If the slide is open and the touch keys are lit, touch Vibrate Mode Sets the phone to vibrate instead of ring displayed.

To set Vibrate Mode press and hold. To return to Normal Mode, press and hold Lock Mode Sets your phone to require your 4-digit password in order to use the phone. Voice Commands Voice Commands lgg you to do things by verbal command e. Press the Voice Commands Key [ ] and follow the prompts to set up your voice command s.

Text Input The following key functions are available to help with text entry: Touch to change text input mode. Press to change case initial cap, caps lock, lowercase. Press to display other matching words in the database.

Press to complete a word and insert a space. Touch Left Soft Key to change to Abc mode.

Touch Left Soft Key to change to Abc multi- tap mode. Enter a number max. Speed Dial Allows you to set manusl your Speed Dials. Touch Right Soft Key [Contacts], then use to select an entry.

Touch Left Soft Key [Edit]. Use to select a phone number, then touch Right Soft Key [Options]. Enter a phone number, then touch Left Soft Key [Save]. Use to select Update Existing, then touch 3. Use to select an manuzl entry, then touch 4. Another number can be saved as the Default Number. Search by scrolling alphabetically or by letter.

Lg VX Black Manuals

Scrolling through Your Contacts 1. Speed Dialing Allows you to make phone calls quickly and easily to numbers stored in Contacts. You need to set Speed Dials in your Contacts before using this feature. There are two methods of accessing menus and submenus: Incoming Calls While downloading an application, incoming calls automatically go to your Voicemail, if available. When using applications, an incoming call will automatically pause the application and allow you to answer the call.

Find places and things while you’re on the go. Look for a great restaurant, nearest ATM, etc. Get Extras Anything Unclear? Connect to V CAST to download a variety of music, transfer music between your phone and your PC, manage and organize your music files, and more. Use to select a submenu, then touch All Songs: Play the songs on air, downloaded from your PC, or stored in your microSD card.


View music by artists and listen to music by artists. Access My Music, then press synchronization. NOTE File storage varies according to the size of each file as well as memory allocation of other applications.

Only videos that have the option to save can be downloaded. Additional charges for each video clip viewed may apply. Video Clips service is not available in all areas. Select a picture with and touch Right Soft [Options].

Touch Right Soft Key [Options] to select one of the following options: Take a picture by touching 4. Touch Left Soft Key [Save].

The picture is stored in My PIX. Set the brightness with Soft Key [Options] to change other settings. Select the option s to customize. Numbered options Lgg can use your numeric keypad or you can select the items by moving the cursor and pressing the appropriate Soft Keys.

The function associated with the Soft Keys can change for each page and depends on each highlighted item. Left Soft Key Left Soft Key is used primarily for first options or selecting an item but its function nanual change, depending on the content displayed.

Touch [Get New App. Access and Options 1. Other limits to available characters per message may exist. Please check with your v8500 provider for system features and capabilities. New Message Alert There are two ways your phone alerts you to new messages.

Create a new message. Touch Right Soft Key [Add]. Lv Contacts You can enter phone numbers stored in Contacts. Recent Calls Select from recently dialed phone numbers. Using Contacts to Send a Message You can designate an entry saved in your Contacts as the address instead of manually entering the destination. Touch Left Soft Keypress 2. Use to highlight From Contacts and touch 4. A confirmation message is displayed.