Il sacco del nord. Saggio sulla giustizia territoriale [Luca. Ricolfi] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Il Sacco Del Nord Di Luca Ricolfi. 2 likes. Book. Il Sacco Del Nord Di Luca Ricolfi. Privacy ยท Terms. About. Il Sacco Del Nord Di Luca Ricolfi. Book. 2 people like. and Panorama, LUCA RICOLFI is an estimated commentator of the political and economic situation of the country. Among his successes Il sacco del Nord.

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Is it a way of living or of watching the world from a different perspective or of grasping new opportunities? Is it something concerning to science, technology, knowledge, resources? Is it an ancient practice or a renewed way of dealing with the complexities of the future? The program and the speakers will be revealed the day of the event. gicolfi

Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information. You have JavaScript disabled.

Una nota su Il sacco del Nord di Luca Ricolfi

ComoComo Italy. Speakers Speakers may not be confirmed. The passionate study of monetary dynamics lead the group to conceive a complementary currency able to reactivate a virtuous circle of economic and social relations. Today as part of the Sardex circuit more than 2, companies can face their liquidity problems, activate exchanges, promote investments.

InCarlo is one of the first Italian Digital Champions.

The Financial Times recently devoted a long article to the Sardex phenomenon. His background as an entrepreneur led him to devote a significant part of his lectures to topics that were not foreseen in the official curriculum programs such as change, innovation and creativity. Daniele has lead numerous business ventures to success. And, not surprisingly, he ended up to be a finalist at the Global Teacher Prize, the Nobel Prize for teaching.


Fabia has combined writing and technology, composing a diary called What Future!

Fausto Caruana Neuroscientist What does a philosopher do in the field of cognitive neuroscience? Subject that saccco now teaches at the Department of Philosophy of the same University.

Browse by Institution – Munich Personal RePEc Archive

His work revolves around the discovery of the so-called “mirror neurons” and the theory of a similar mechanism underlying the perception of emotions. She specialized in Artificial Intelligence, and in particular, in the use of preferences to customize decision support systems.

Francesca has published more than scientific papers on these issues and on ethical issues which are unavoidable in the development of Artificial Intelligence. Francesca presides some of the most prestigious institutions in the field of AI. After a long experience in training, organizational development and HR at Unilever, he has been adjunct professor at the University of Milan Bicocca and president of Ariele. His numerous publications testify his great passion for human relationships that Giuseppe also observed as a photographer.

Professor of data analytics at the University of Torino, Luca has founded and directed the magazine of electoral analysis Polena and the Osservatorio del Nord Ovest. Among his research topics are income and work distribution, with surprising findings.

Among his successes Il sacco del Nord. For many years he devoted himself exclusively to jazz, collaborating with internationally renowned musicians. Marco has played in Italian and European festivals. To date, he has recorded 45 albums and has won several major awards, including a scholarship for Berlklee College in Boston.

The similarities between the human prisoners and animal prisoners led him to reflect on the relationship of reciprocity between the two worlds and the need for a profound change in the ways in which people “use” other living beings.


Since those intense and rich years, Marco has written three books in which he suggests a new pact between humans and animals.

Her interest is focused on collaborative processes, procedures crowdmapping that allow a reading of our planet from different and unusual angles. Maria holds prestigious positions in important organizations and participates in important international initiatives in the field. Michele Casucci Entrepreneur and SU Ambassador A business degree and lots of experience in founding knowledge-based companies. Michele is Ambassador to Italy of the Singularity University, one of the most prestigious institutions of the Silicon Valley.

Purpose of SU is to share knowledge of exponential technologies and vel a new generation of leaders who will face the great challenges of cel. He is a partner of the Italian incubator iStarter Spa.

Il sacco del Nord by Luca Ricolfi

Despite his young age, he has made significant experiences as founder and manager of different IT companies. His passion led Vincenzo to lucw a vast knowledge of the web, its tools and its dark sides. His activity in the field has gone through hackering to becoming data security consultant for large multinational companies like Microsoft and Apple. Gerolamo Saibene Como, Italy.